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We are excited to announce, for a limited time only, the new DYNAMIC FORCES Mystery Box! With 4 tiers to choose from, the opportunity to acquire some awesome and comic books is at hand! Featuring amazing, signed books from some of the most recognizable names in the comic book industry: Alex Ross, John Romita Jr, Jim Lee, and many more! These boxes are a way for us to say thank you and give you a chance at some amazing comic books. Each box is guaranteed a Dynamic Force Signed comic book, a DYNAMIC FORCES exclusive cover variant, a CGC graded 9.8, a virgin cover and 10 base books! Higher tiers will get metal covers, custom commissioned cover sketch art, silver age books, and the top tier will even get a page of Marvel Original Comic Art! One box will have a signed book from the legendary John Romita Sr! Plus, as a special, one box in each tier will contain a Jim Starlin signed file copy book from his own personal collection, as well as one box per tier containing a guaranteed CGC 9.9. It starts off with the $100 box with $200 minimum in retail value. The middle box for $200 with $400 minimum in retail value, the high box for $350 with $540 minimum retail value, or for a very limited time, we will have 1 box for $1000 with over $1900 in retail value. Every box will be unique, and a great value and we are excited to have these available All books cover bagged and boarded, and all DYNAMIC FORCES books come with the DYNAMIC FORCES COA These will be available exclusively on the DYNAMIC FORCES website!
Some of the Signed Creators:
-Adam Hughes
-Adi Granov
-Alex Ross
-Andy Kubert
-Brian Michael Bendis
-Charles Soule
-Christos Gage
-Clayton Crain
-Cliff Chiang
-Dan Jurgens
-Donny Cates
-Geoff Johns
-Greg Land
-Greg Pak
-Jae Lee
-James Tynion IV
-Jim Lee
-J. Michael Straczynski
-John Cassaday
-John Romita Sr
-John Romita Jr
-Jonathan Hickman
-J. Scott Campbell
-Ken Haeser
-Kyle Higgins
-Matt Fraction
-Peter David
-Peter Tomasi
-Scott Snyder
-Terry & Rachel Dodson
-Tom King
-Walt Simonson
and many more!
Retail Values:
CGC 9.8 - $99.99
CGC 9.9 - $149.99
Virgin - $49.99
Signed Book - Minimum $29.99
Base books - $3-$10 each
Metal - $99.99
CCA - $89.99
Silver Age - Minimum $49.99
Marvel OA - $500
Jim Starlin File Copy - $299.99
DF Exclusive Variant - Minimum $19.99
Middle Tier - $200 ($400 Retail Value) - 20x Available
CGC 9.8, 1 Virgin Cover, 1 DF Signed, 1 DF Exclusive Variant, 1 Metal Cover, 1 Commissioned Cover Art Headshot, 10 Base
(+1 Metal Cover, +1 Commissioned Cover Art Headshot)
-1x CGC 9.8 - A Near Mint/Mint comic book graded by CGC, the world's leading third-party grading company
-1x Virgin comic book - A comic book cover that features no logo or trade dress, so that the cover art can be fully appreciated. These are usually higher ratio variants with much smaller print runs
-1x DYNAMIC FORCES Signed Comic - A signed comic book that comes with the DYNAMIC FORCES COA
-1x DYNAMIC FORCES Exclusive Cover Variant - A limited variant cover exclusive to DYNAMIC FORCES
-1x Metal Cover - Premium metal comic book cover
-1x Commissioned Cover Art [Head] - Custom, unique, hand drawn cover art on a blank comic book cover featuring a head shot
-10x Base - A random assortment of 10 comic books featuring different publishers, characters and years. Including comics from the 1970s up to recent issues from the past few years

In Shops: Jun 26, 2024
SRP: $249.99
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