Zombies & Playboy Playmate In Pussycats

Playboy Playmate Elle Johnson grabs a gun and jumps into tight leather pants to pose as "Viper" for E-Comix’s Pussycats: The End of Everything #1 (JAN181641), which kicks off a 2-issue mini-series that features the zombie apocalypse…with a dramatized soundtrack.

"Actually, the soundtrack isn’t available until the second issue comes out, which will be solicited in the February issue of PREVIEWS," says writer/creator Vince Brusio. "We got tied up with our first Kickstarter and bundling a video of Mother Superior into issue #1. So we put off the soundtrack until issue #2 because it’s part of our current reward package for the second Kickstarter. But Elle Johnson is front and center for issue #1, and she’s the real deal! She looks great, doesn’t she? The cover done by Randall Lloyd Photography was so good that we decided to use it as a full-page ad in the January issue of PREVIEWS."

A two-issue series featuring paramilitary fighting females Viper and Foxglove — which first appeared in the previous Sex, Drugs, & The Impossible series — The End of Everything features interior art by Mats Engesten, and is different in tone from previous Pussycats comics in that it is set in the future, and shows in brutal graphic detail a revolution that starts at the steps of the White House.  Crazy things happen when you’re out of time, and knee-deep in zombies.

“Elle Johnson’s photo shoot for this cover was fantastic,” says Brusio. “But we also picked up a new cover artist named Kane Gallagher. His work on Pussycats starts with two alternate covers for issue #1 (JAN181642, JAN181643) and then he returns with a 1940s-style glamour girl pin-up cover for issue #2, which will practically jump off the shelves and eat you if you get too close to it.”

Issue #2 of The End of Everything will be solicited in the February issue of the PREVIEWS catalog, with a trade paperback supported with advertising appearing in the March PREVIEWS.

Kane Gallagher's Dead Girl Variant (JAN181642) & Dead Girl B&W Variant (JAN181643)
Kane Gallagher's Pussycats: The End of Everything #2 Pin-Up Girl Cover
Randall Lloyd Photography's Pussycats: The End of Everything #2 Photo Cover
Sneak Peek at Issue #2 interior pages! Click to see at full size!
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Pussycats Volume 1 TP (JUL151337)
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