Titan Turns Up The Volume With Snowpiercer

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One of the publishers to break out big in 2013 between the pages of PREVIEWS has been Titan Comics. Lots of good stuff coming from the blokes in the UK, and we made it our mission to find Senior Editor Steve White when we were kickin’ it at the New York City Comic Con. In between doing a million and one things, Steve talked to us about the projects that were brewing over at Titan, among them Snow Piercer, Death Sentence, and Sally of the Wasteland.

“We’re here pushing the new stuff,” Steve offered. “Pushing, well, the big one for us at the moment is Snowpiercer, which is the new Chris Evans movie coming out (Captain America!). I don’t know if you know anything about it, but it’s a post-apocalyptic story about a group of people. The last remnants of civilization stuck on a train, called Snowpiercer, which is circling the globe.”

After the interview, we stopped over at the Titan booth to see more about what Steve was talking up, and what was established for us was that the Titan brand was here to stay. Clearly this publishing house is proving to retailers and readers that they have a unique voice and a very distinct catalog of both resurrected and refurbished classics besides their new stuff.

It's not a stretch to say that in 2014, Titan is going to be turning heads. And we'll say we told you so.

Look for these titles from Titan Comics in the November issue of PREVIEWS!

 NOV131237    DEATH SENTENCE #6 (OF 6)     $3.99  
 NOV131238    IT CAME HC     $19.99  
 NOV131239    MONSTER MASSACRE HC VOL 02     $22.99  
 NOV131240    SNOWPIERCER HC VOL 01 THE ESCAPE (MR)     $19.99  
 NOV131241    STAR WARS CLONE WARS MAGAZINE #21     $4.99  
 NOV131242    STAR WARS CLONE WARS MAGAZINE #22     $4.99  

Check out the trailer for Snowpiercer!

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