PREVIEWSworld Video Game Month: Emma Vieceli

This month, in honor of our Video Game Month theme, we reached out to creators to ask them about the video game comics. Here what Dark Horse/Titan writer/artist Emma Vieceli had to say in this exclusive interview!

The Intangible Limits Of Outer Darkness

John Layman's foreign influences in horror helped make him write a book that is a new flavor of tainted meat for American comics readers. Read his interview to learn more about the Outer Darkness!

PREVIEWSworld Video Game Month: Anna Powers

This month, in honor of our Video Game Month theme, we reached out to creators to ask them about the video game comics. Here what Tetris writer Anna Powers had to say in this exclusive interview!

PREVIEWSworld Video Game Month: Aleš Kot

This month, in honor of our Video Game Month theme, we reached out to creators to ask them about the video game comics. Here what Tetris writer Aleš Kot had to say in this exclusive interview!

New Light Shone On Shadowman

Jack Boniface graduates to a new level of awareness in the pages of Shadowman #8. In this PREVIEWSworld Exclusive interview, editor Karl Bollers explains much of his growth will stem from his partner.

Zorro Deep In The Dead

Los Angeles is overrun by an army of hellish horsemen, and only one man can save people from becoming a banquet of torn flesh. Read our interview with Zorro: Swords of Hell writer David Avallone!

PREVIEWSworld Video Game Month: Box Brown

This month, in honor of our Video Game Month theme, we reached out to creators to ask them about the video game comics. Here what Tetris writer Box Brown had to say in this exclusive interview!

Greg Pak Targets James Bond

The timeless man on a mission may meet his match in the first issue of Dynamite Entertainment's James Bond 007 #1. Read what writer Greg Pak has to say about this upcoming new series!

32 Flavors Of Hell From The Ice Cream Man

Horror is best served cold. Especially when it’s a cold tasty push pop. In this PREVIEWSworld Exclusive interview, Ice Cream Man's artist Martin Morazzo spills his guts on the comic treat that's a permanent brain freeze.

Comedians And Comics: A Marriage On Paper

Starburns Industries Press has mixed up comics who tell jokes with comics that have pictures to give us Comics Comics Quarterly #1 this October! Read the interview with Patton Oswalt, Jackie Kashian, and Sara Benincasa!

Alchemy's Enemies In Artifact One

In this PREVIEWSworld Exclusive interview with writer J.T. Krul, we ask about the launch of Artifact One #1 from Aspen Comics, which is scheduled to hit comic shops this October.

Interview: Pierce On Point For Source Point Press

Kasey Pierce, writer of NORAH and Source Point Press goodwill ambassador, is here to let the world know about this up-and-coming imprint. After watching our interview, you'll understand why.

Plenty Of Room At The Hotel Oblivion

With the success of his and Gerard Way's book The Umbrella Academy, artist Gabriel Bá welcomes us to the Hotel Oblivion where we can check in whenever we like. Read all about it in this PREVIEWSworld Exclusive interview!

A Nation’s Trouble Upon A Lone Ranger

A changing landscape and a new way of life come into the view of Mark Russell’s The Lone Ranger #1 for Dynamite Entertainment. Read our PREVIEWSworld exclusive interview!

Down The Rabbit Hole

What happens when a bad guy tries to be good, and finds out that being bad actually makes things better? A master criminal once again becomes the Dead Rabbit! Read our interview with Gerry Duggan!

A Game Of Magic On The Wings Of Blackbird

Artist Jen Bartel explains the love of her hometown, Final Fantasy 7, and anime nourished her creativity so that she and writer Sam Humphries could make the neo-noir fantasy Blackbird for Image Comics.

Eighties Cutie Colors Kids Rainbow Brite

The beloved '80s character Rainbow Brite returns for a new ongoing series this October from writer Jeremy Whitley and artist Brittney Williams! Read the PREVIEWSworld interview!

No Justice And No Peace When Mars Attacks

Everyone on Earth will soon have it worse than you because writer Kyle Starks says that the carnage in Mars Attacks #1 will make home insurance worthless. No one will be left to build anything.

PREVIEWSworld D.I.Y. Month: Eric Powell

The tools of the trade may have changed over the years, but the constants involved in the creation of comics are still the most important. Our next D.I.Y. spotlight shines on Eric Powell!

A Fusion Of Fun In Rolled & Told

Lion Forge’s Rolled And Told #1 is an all-inclusive gaming experience that’s well ahead of the curve on roleplaying ingenuity. We’ve got a primer for it right here in this PREVIEWSworld exclusive interview!

Lloyd Kauffman Talks The Art Of Troma

In this interview, Lloyd Kauffman talks about his films which are the subject of never-before-seen film stills, rare posters, candid interviews, and fake blood in D.E.'s The Art Of Troma!

A Complex Compass For Lumberjanes Ladies

Lumberjanes fans are about to get a new dose of this relationship-driven series in graphic novel format. Writer Lilah Sturges, artist Polterink, and Lumberjanes Senior Editor Dafna Pleban go on the record!

History In A Hardcover: Super Mario Encyclopedia

Shining stars for Nintendo, Mario and his brother Luigi entertain us indefinitely in the Super Mario Bros. Encyclopedia from Dark Horse Comics. Read our interview with the book's editor, Rachel Roberts!

What Dreams May Come From A Lack Of Faith

In Valiant’s upcoming Faith: Dreamside #1 from writer Jody Houser, we’ll see how the heroine fares when her greatest critic can turn out to be herself. Read about it in our PREVIEWSworld Exclusive interview!

Watch Out, Boy — She's A Man-eater

Writer Chelsea Cain was kind enough to speak with us about her series, Man-eaters, and assert fans of Kelly Sue DeConnick’s Bitch Planet don’t have far to go to see where the revolution takes them tomorrow.

From Hell And Back: The Eddie Campbell Interview

We were lucky enough to speak with artist Eddie Campbell about IDW Publishing's From Hell Master Edition, as well as the background on this important and massive undertaking. Read our exclusive interview!

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