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Celebrate the CHAOS! 25TH ANNIVERSARY with everyone's favorite anti-heroes debuting in a special, new Dynamite series of deluxe trading cards! Horror-filled art showcases 25 gory years of the CHAOS! Horror Universe like never before... not for the faint of heart!

This set is a collector's dream and includes an 18-card base set, PLUS Dynamite chase cards that include: 6 signed cards, 3 Line Art cards, 9-card puzzle cards, 2-box-topper special cards, and thousands of one-of-a-kind hand-drawn-and-signed original sketch cards. Every signed card features a color ink or ultra-rare, gold ink signature! Every individual foil-pack is enhanced, packaged in a colorful mini-box and includes 2 Base Cards, 2 Signed Sketch Cards, 1 Line Art Card, 1 Puzzle Card, and 1 Signed Card. Every specially-designed, 4-color box includes 12 mini-box foil packs.

Featuring art from: Greg Capulo, Joe Quesada, J. Scott Campbell, Tim Seeley, Jae Lee, Joyce Chin, Ken Haeser, Michael Turner, Kyle Hotz, and many others.
Sketch Card artists include: Roy Cover, Aaron Bolduc, Aaron Swafford, Adam & Rebecca Cleveland, Allen Douglas, Andrew Edge, Andy Bohn, Anthony Richichi, April Reyna, Arwenn Necker, Ashley Marsh, Barry Renshaw, Bianca Thompson, Bobby Blakey, Brad Hudson, Bryan Abston, Carlos Parker, Chad Scheres, Chuck The Hun Solnai, Dan Curto, Daniel Gorman, Danielle Steely, Darren Coburn-James, Diego Ayala, Edward Santia, Elias Melendes, Ernest Romero, Fernando Jimenez, Huy Truong, Jamie Richards, Jason Miller, Jason Mooers, Jay Taylor, Jeffrey C. Benitez, Joe DelBeato, John Martin, Jon Mangini, Karl Jones, Ken Haeser, Kevin B. Cleveland, Klára Bujtor, Kristin Allen, Kyle Williams, Lee Hunt, Lam-Nation, Mai Irving, Marcia Dye, Mariano Nicieza, Mark Stroud, Matt Buttich, Matt Stewart, Michael Metlen, Michelle Rayner, Mick Trimble, Mikey Chiume Jr., Mitch Ballard, Monty Anderson, Nestor Pagani, Norvien Basio, Rich Molinelli, Roberto Duque, Rusty Gilligan, Shartist, Steven Miller, Tom Romano, Tone Rodriguez, Vanessa Solis, Chenduz, Wayne Tully, Will Torres, Zachary Woolsey and many, many more!
Complete set will include:
-                                    18 Color Photo Base Cards (2 per pack)
-                                    3 Line Art Cards (1 per pack)
-                                    9 Card Art Puzzle (1 per pack)
-                                    6 Signed Cards (1 per pack)
-                                    Thousands of Color Sketch Cards (2 per pack)
-                                    Mini-Box-Foil-Packs- 7 cards/Display Box 12 packs
In Shops: TBD
Final Orders Due: Jan 24, 2020
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