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Get Graphic: Aleksi Briclot's Multiverse of Film, Games, and Comics

Interview by Troy Allen

Art by Aleksi Briclot

Welcome to the multiverse of madness.

Renowned illustrator Aleksi Briclot talks with PREVIEWSworld about a career that spans comics, video games, films, and beyond. All in service of his new Kickstarter artbook titled Multiverse: The Art of Aleksi Briclot.

Find out more about his Kickstarter in the following interview...

 Aleksi Briclot

Firstly, who are you and where do hail from?

My name is Aleksi Briclot and I'm from France. I’m a concept artist, art director, and illustrator. I’ve also done some graphic novels.

 Art by Aleksi Briclot

How did you get into comic books as a fan?

I started reading European comic books quite early, as well as Marvel comics. And so as a kid, I started drawing by mimicking those books and those artists. Then of course my influences, inspirations, and learning broaden up too much more sources. But I must admit that comic books are still one of my favorite media. I’ve professionally produced two Spawn graphic novels for Todd MacFarlane and also some involvements in French comics. It’s a medium that I enjoy as a reader and also as an artist. I’m currently working on my own next graphic novel!

 Art by Aleksi Briclot

How did you get into art as a professional?

I had a school background in visual communication and graphic design, but this isn’t exactly the path I’ve followed. I’ve worked on my own portfolio and I started really early in a video game studio as well as an illustrator for role-playing books and games. Then more and more exciting projects followed…It’s like some kind of “exponential dynamic.”

 Art by Aleksi Briclot

What can you tell us about Multiverse: The Art of Aleksi Briclot?

I’m really excited about this new project -- a huge monograph (272 pages) featuring the best of my works so far. It will feature a lot of illustrations, concept art, posters, sketches, and more. It’s a big career retrospective that is covering a huge amount of different projects I’ve worked on: games, cards, books, video games, movies, plus some more personal works, some traditional ones too. There will be a long career interview and also a lot of personal notes and stories. I’m sharing some of them during the campaign as news.

There is also an emotional side to this book for me. There are a lot of memories, experiences -- parts of my life that came back to my mind too. So it won’t be in the book, but it’s an intense experience for me at least. 

But the book will be first about pictures and images. I should add that I’m really proud of it too!

 Art by Aleksi Briclot

I look at Multiverse: The Art of Aleksi Briclot and see games, films, and comics...but what draws you to a project? What makes you want to work on it?

I’ve always been curious and eclectic. And I developed early on the wider range of skills I could. It was a way to ensure that I could find more job opportunities. I was certainly afraid of not being able to earn my living as an artist. 

That’s maybe part of the reason why I’m always trying to get new challenges and projects. Excitement, learning something new, and growing up -- motion are reasons why I would focus on a project. Like for example: founding a video game studio like Dontnod Entertainment, which is quite different from writing my next graphic novel. 

There are also different parameters that could make me want to pick a project: the topic, the client, what I am asked about, and the freedom and creative license I’ll have. The deadline, the fun, the client, the exposure, and also the money (yeah it’s a job with a lot of passion...but a job). Lately, it’s also been about focusing on meaningful projects. I used to work for a lot of clients in the past, but life is short and now I’m trying to develop more and more personal projects.

 Art by Aleksi Briclot

What tools do you use to draw? 

I am mostly working digitally, for production convenience. A digital tool is a great tool [that allows] more efficiency and speed -- something required when you’re working on productions like movies or video games. But I’m often starting with notes, mind maps, and sketches in my sketchbook. On some projects -- like my graphic novel -- I’m doing some pages traditionally, for another vibe.

 Art by Aleksi Briclot

What’s next for you?

I’m currently working on Thunderbolts, a Marvel movie that has been announced but my attention is focused on this Kickstarter campaign. The book is still a work in progress and some feedback from the backers will help us to tailor it in the best way possible. There will be some text also in the book, a long career interview as well as personal stories and thoughts. I’m sharing some of those stories as news during the campaign and it’s kind of funny to share.

I’m really excited about this new art book!

Art by Aleksi Briclot

Art by Aleksi Briclot

Art by Aleksi Briclot 

Multiverse: The Art of Aleksi Briclot is available now through Kickstarter! Reserve your copy before it ends Thursday, February 9, 2023.

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