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Product Changes (06/01)



Resident Alien TP Vol. 6: Your Ride's Here (DEC200265, $17.99) now runs 152 pages.


Undiscovered Country #13 Cover B (APR210198, $3.99) will have cover art by Francesco Francavilla, not Bill Sienkiewicz.

Fire Power by Kirkman & Samnee TP Vol. 3 (MAY210086, $16.99) now runs 152 pages, not 136 pages.

The Silver Coin, solicited as a five-issue miniseries, will now be an ongoing series.


Web of Spider-Man #2 Artist Variant (NOV200573, $3.99) will have cover art by Alberto Albuquerque.

The Amazing Spider-Man #70 Handbook Variant (MAY210503, $3.99) will have cover art by David Baldeon.

X-Men #1  (Reg./Vars.: MAY210525 / MAY210526 / MAY210527 / MAY210528 / MAY210529 / MAY210530 / MAY210531 / MAY210532 / MAY210533 / MAY210534 / MAY210535 / MAY210536 / MAY210537 / MAY210538 / MAY210539, $4.99 ea.) will be 48 pages and not 40 pages, with no change to editorial content or price.

X-Men by Hickman Omnibus HC (Reg./DM: JUN210758 / JUN210759, $75 ea.) has updated contents: X-Men (2019) #1-#21, Giant-Size X-Men: Jean Grey and Emma Frost (2020) #1, Giant-Size X-Men: Nightcrawler (2020) #1, Giant-Size X-Men: Magneto (2020) #1, Giant-Size X-Men: Fantomex (2020) #1, Giant-Size X-Men: Storm (2020) #1. Additionally, the volume will run 704 pages, not 656 pages, with no change to price or rating.  

Star Wars: Bounty Hunters #15 WOBH  (Reg./Vars.: JUN210747 / JUN210748 / JUN210749, $3.99 ea.) will have updated contents:
War of the Bounty Hunters: “The Gathering”
• Valance and Dengar travel to Canto Bight as a relentless assassin stalks them!
• T'onga starts to recruit a bounty hunter crew with some familiar — and fearsome — faces!
• Plus Tasu Leech returns! But whose side is he on?

Iron Man TP Vol.  2: Books of Korvac II — Overclock (JUN210792) has updated contents — Iron Man (2020) #6-#11 — and will run 136 pages at a price of $17.99, not 112 pages at a price of $15.99.


The Mighty Crusaders One-Shot: The Shield (Cvrs. A-G: APR211423 / APR211424 / APR211425 / APR211426 / APR211427 / APR211428 / APR211429, $3.99 ea.) will now be written by David Gallaher. Additionally, Cover H Blank Variant (APR211430E) has been cancelled, while the art to Cover F Top Secret Liefeld (APR211428E) has been revealed and can be viewed here.

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