Throwback Thursday: A Look Back At Superhero Weddings

Spring is in the air, the weather is warmer, the flowers are blooming, and the promise of summer is on the horizon. It’s the perfect time for a wedding. While most couples deal with issues like family squabbles or cold feet, superhero weddings get hit with villain attacks, kidnappings, even body swaps. Still, our beloved heroes keep love alive by making the big commitment. Here, we present some of the popular weddings that have happened in comic books.

Aquaman & Mera

Aquaman and Mera overcame royal doctrine to unite in matrimony in Aquaman #18 (December 1964). When Aquaman was crowned king of Atlantis he needed to marry an Atlantean woman. Unfortunately Mera, the woman he loved, was not. But after she defeated an unwelcome suitor, saving Atlanteans in the process, Aquaman granted her honorary Atlantean status. By royal law they were able to wed, witnessed by the Justice League in some comical underwater helmets.

Mister Miracle/Scott Free & Big Barda

Mister Miracle #18 (March 1974) saw the peace-seeking Mister Miracle and battle-loving Big Barda exchanging vows – but not before a fight with Granny Goodness and other Apokolips villains. Highfather, who helped save them from the Apokoliptians, officiated the wedding ceremony. Despite the tornado that followed and Darkseid’s appearance, the couple got away to begin their life together.

Scarlet Witch & Vision

Talk about a power couple! Wanda Maximoff and Vision, two dynamos in Marvel, got hitched in Giant-Sized Avengers #4 (June 1975). But before, exchanging nuptials, Vision had to save Scarlet Witch from Dormammu who was holding her in the Dark Dimension. Not only did the setback fail at stopping the pair, the happy day ended up being a double wedding with Mantis and Swordsman.

Donna Troy & Terry Long

Tales of the Teen Titans #50 (February 1985) provided the union between Donna Troy and Terry Long. A few young heroes had their eyes on Donna Troy, but the superheroine was smitten with an older college professor. It was a light point in the series that had been telling darker stories with many of DC’s heroes at the event, which was devoid of villain attacks. Unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to last and the pair would eventually divorce.

Cyclops & Jean Grey

In X-Men Vol. 2 #30 (March 1994), Cyclops/Scott Summers and Jean Grey finally took the leap into marriage. The two superheroes were among the first X-Men and have had plenty of ups and downs on their way to the altar. There relationship has seen every kind of challenge from deaths, to demons and clones, to normal romantic drama, but they eventually made it to their wedding. Hank McCoy officiated the ceremony and nearly ever major member of the X-Men attended the nuptials.

The Flash/Wally West & Linda Park

In an entire issue devoted to their wedding, Wally West and Linda Park had their union in The Flash Vol. 2 #142 (October 1998). But, being the Fastest Man Alive doesn’t stop Wally from dealing with hurdles before the ceremony when the Flash gets pulled into a conflict with Kobra. Still, he makes it in time, uses superspeed to write his vows, and has Dick Grayson act as his best man when he marries his love, Linda.

Jessica Jones & Luke Cage

Defenders Jessica Jones and Luke Cage tied the knot in New Avengers Annual #1 (June 2006). This couple differed from other superhero couples by skipping the will they/won’t they dance. They were friends with benefits before realizing they were in love and destined for a real relationship. The wedding was interrupted by the Super-Adaptoid, but the Avengers were there to stop the disruption so the strong duo could get married.

Northstar & Kyle Jinadu

Jean-Paul Beaubier, aka Northstar of Alpha Flight, married his longtime boyfriend Kyle Jinadu in Astonishing X-Men Vol. 3 #51 (June 2012). Northstar was Marvel’s first major openly gay character, who came out in 1992, and he was the one to hit another milestone with Marvel’s first superhero gay marriage. The ceremony was largely without conflict, keeping the focus on the nuptials, rather than any opposition to the union.

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