A Look Inside 'Amber Blake: Operation Dragonfly' from Heavy Metal

The standalone AMBER BLAKE: OPERATION DRAGONFLY (MAY211490) comic is created by Jade Lagardère and published by Heavy Metal imprint Magma Comix. Operation Dragonfly is a 48-page one-shot that continues Jade's Amber Blake spy thriller series that started with French publisher Glenat and was first adapted into English by IDW. Magma Comix also has plans to publish previous volumes in English in the near future. Jade, a Belgian supermodel turned comic book writer, has been working with artist Butch Guice (Action ComicsThe Flash) on the Amber Blake series, and the two have paired up again for this one-shot. Amber Blake: Operation Dragonfly hits shelves July 14, 2021.

From writer and creator Jade Lagardère:

"I’m so excited for the fans to discover more about Amber Blake. She is back stronger than ever following her betrayal in the previous storyline. Amber’s spymaster is losing his grip on her, and new characters like Emily and Cheng prove to be really important in Amber’s life.  

What an amazing pleasure to continue this beautiful journey with artist Butch Guice, who is extremely talented. And thanks so much to Denton J. Tipton, who is a real genius! I’m very glad and feeling so lucky to have such an amazing team with me.

Through the character of Amber Blake, I want to bring hope and strength to the many who suffered from a difficult childhood and difficult times. And in this story, we will shine a light on the horrors of human trafficking. Amber is a superhero even though she doesn’t have superpowers. She can give people the courage to stand up, speak up, and fight back. They are not alone on this road. Each of you can be Amber Blake."

Magma Comix publishes original, creator-owned science fiction, fantasy, and horror comics and graphic novels, from the leading creators of the field. We believe storytellers deserve to be respected and valued more than the characters and worlds they create. We show this by championing creators and empowering them with the platform and resources to share their unique visions at the cutting edge of genre fiction. Founded in 2020 by award-winning and New York Times bestselling comics creator Denton J. Tipton, Magma Comix partnered with Heavy Metal Entertainment to help usher in an eruption of creativity at the revered publisher.

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(W) Jade Lagardere (A/CA) Butch Guice
Abandoned by her mother at the age of 5, Amber Blake was only a child when she was recruited to the Cleverland Institute, a school for gifted children, where she was promised a bright future. But predators hide in the school's administration and, on the verge of exposing them, Amber finds herself fleeing for her life from the very man who took her in. Now a top recruit of a covert agency dead-set on ending human slavery in all its forms, she's going to destroy everone who's ever hurt the people she loves.
In Shops: Jul 14, 2021
SRP: $7.99
PREVIEWS Page #306

(W) Ryan Lindsay (A/CA) Sebastian Piriz
There's an intergalactic space station out there bigger than our solar system where  wants everyone to come along and meet up. The beacon made it sound like a utopia, but what Niko finds upon her arrival is a lawless expanse where everyone is out for themselves and she's so late she doesn't even have a seat at the table. A story of survival, truth, and experience lies in front of Niko if she can figure out who to trust and what to do before the secret of her journey catches up with her.
In Shops: Jul 07, 2021
SRP: $2.99
PREVIEWS Page #307

(W) Marco Turini (A) Marco Turini
The surface of the Earth became uninhabitable and humans had to find refuge in the bowels of the planet. In Janis, capital of the fourth and last underground level, survival involves repairing bodies with electronic components. This is where E.V.A. lives and she plans to break the law to cross the levels that separate her from the sun. At the end of this perilous adventure, an unbearable truth awaits her... E.V.A. is unaware that her escapade is part of a plan of which she is the key element. Those who hold the cards of her destiny have planned everything.
In Shops: Aug 18, 2021
SRP: $10.99
PREVIEWS Page #299

(W) Dan Fogler, Laurence Blum (A/CA) Ben Templesmith
Dan Fogler, actor in The Walking Dead and J.K. Rowling's Fantastic Beasts series, lends his writing talent to an original new comic book! Fish Kill is a love story wrapped in a modern noir that takes our hero, Detective Bart Fishkill, so far down the conspiracy rabbit hole that he starts to question his own sanity even to the point of wondering whether if he isn't the villain in the first place.
In Shops: Sep 23, 2020
SRP: $3.99
PREVIEWS Page #321

(W) Llexi Leon, Ian Edington (A) Kevin West (CA) Santi Casas
Iron Maiden's Eddie once again battles evil in a city of eternal night, but he can't do it alone.
Teaming up with edgy rocker, Charlotte, togther they will fight an all powerful force threatening the world and maybe even the fabric of the universe.
In Shops: May 29, 2019
SRP: $3.99
PREVIEWS Page #310

(W) Dave Erwin, Matt Medney (A/CA) Butch Guice
Originally published in Heavy Metal Magazine this story follows Taarna's past to its current bold new direction.
In Shops: Aug 25, 2021
SRP: $2.99
PREVIEWS Page #300

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