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Product Changes (09/08)



Department of Truth #1 (MR) (Reg./Vars.: JUL200012 / JUL200013 / JUL208762 / JUL208813 / JUL208814 / JUL208815, $3.99) will now run 36 pages, not 32 pages.

The After Realm #3 (JUL200189, $5.99) now runs 64 pages not 60 pages.


The Amazing Spider-Man #49  (Reg./Vars.: JUL200608-JUL200625, $9.99 ea.) will be printed on Perfect Bound stock, with no change to price, page count, or editorial content.

Fantastic Four #24 Fortnite Story (Reg./Vars.: JUL200667 / JUL200668 / JUL200669 / JUL200670 / JUL200671 / JUN208920 / JUN208921 / JUN208922 / JUN208923 / JUN209247, $3.99 ea.) will have 48 pages — with a special Fortnite story — and not 32 pages, with no change in price.

Marvel Tales: Original Marvel Zombies #1 (Reg./Var.: FEB200804 / FEB200805, $7.99 ea.) will be retitled Original Marvel Zombies: Marvel Tales #1.

Maestro #3 Artist Variant (AUG200689, $3.99) will have cover art by Tony Moore.

Fantastic Four by Dan Slott HC Vol.  1 (SEP200729D) is now $39.99 and not $34.99, with no change to editorial content or page count.

Marvel Tales: Hellstrom #1 (Reg./Var.: MAR201016 / MAR201017, $7.99 ea.) will be retitled Hellstrom: Marvel Tales #1.

• Marvel has uncancelled Hellstrom TP: Prince of Lies (JUL200696, $24.99).

Marvel has cancelled Widowmakers: Red Guardian/Yelena Belova #1 Samnee MCU Variant (SEP200639, $4.99).

Marvel has cancelled Black Widow #2 Bartel MCU Variant (AUG200682, $3.99).

Road to Empyre TP (JUL200692, $19.99) will be 168 pages and not 160 pages, with no change to editorial content or price.

X-Men: God Loves, Man Kills Extended Cut Gallery Edition HC (APR201080, $34.99) will be 112 pages and not 120 pages, with no change to editorial content or price.


• Albatross Funnybooks’ The Goon #13 Cover B Cardstock Bruno Blueprint (SEP201042, $3.99) will be by Eric Powell, not Dave Johnson.

• Albatross Funnybooks’ King Tank Girl #2 Cover B Cardstock (SEP201050, $5.99) will be by Matteo Scalera, not Eric Powell.

• Albatross Funnybooks’ Grumble: Memphis & Beyond the Infinite #5 (SEP201046, $3.99) was incorrectly listed in the September PREVIEWS as Rumble. Please bear this in mind when placing your order.

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