Undiscovered Country #3 Flies Off Shelves at Breakneck Speed as Reorders Skyrocket

New York Times bestselling writers Scott Snyder (Batman, Justice League, American Vampire, Wytches) and Charles Soule (Curse Words, novels The Oracle Year, Anyone) and artist Giuseppe Camuncoli’s (The Amazing Spider-Man, Darth Vader, Hellblazer) Undiscovered Country is turning heads with multiple sell-outs at the distributor level and issue #3 is being rushed back to print in order to keep up with skyrocketing demand for the hot series.

In Undiscovered Country, readers journey into an unknown region that was once the United States of America—a land that’s become shrouded in mystery and literally walled-off from the rest of the world for decades. A small expedition enters the former US in search of a cure to a humanity-ending pandemic. They travel inward and learn the secrets of what America has become; each member seeking their own form of truth in the undiscovered country.

For issue #3, the expedition undertakes a desperate attempt to rescue a member of the team from the Destiny Man's strange caravan city. Success or certain doom hinges on Americana expert Ace Kenyatta, PhD—what he knows about the new lands…and what he doesn’t.

The series was acquired early on by New Republic Pictures after a competitive bidding war for potential franchise development with Snyder and Soule attached to adapt the screenplay and serve as executive producers alongside Camuncoli. John Hilary Shepherd will oversee development.

Undiscovered Country #3, second printing (DEC198444) will be available at comic book shops on Wednesday, February 19.

Undiscovered Country #2, second printing (OCT199140) is available at comic book shops now.

Undiscovered Country #1 fourth printing (DEC198445) will be available at comic book shops on Wednesday, February 19.

Catch up on Undiscovered Country at your local comic shop!

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