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Every month we pick a few titles out of the PREVIEWS catalog for kids of all ages. Great stories for a young reader new to comics or for anyone looking for a new all-ages title to add to their collection.

The August PREVIEWS catalog is full of great comics, such as fan-favorites (like Marvel's The Avengers) as well as newcomers (such as Quantum Mechanics)!

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(W) Adam Gallardo (A) Sergio Sandoval (A/CA) Nuria Peris
In the future, humanity is in a seemingly endless war with an alien race. The struggle is dominated by giant war machines called Gear. Only the best and the brightest are allowed to drive these behemoths. The process of elimination begins in junior high.
Thirteen-year-old Teresa Gottlieb has just entered the most prestigious military academy, known to all as Gear School, to try and become one of those elite. But on top of all the usual troubles that a seventh-grader has to put up with-boys, social cliques, hellish instructors-she also has to deal with three-story-tall robots and alien invasions!
Teresa needs to learn that when the bell rings, the adventure starts.
•  Gear School is written by Adam Gallardo (Star Wars: Infinities-Return of the Jedi; 100 Girls) and illustrated by N ria Peris (Star Wars Tales, Karas).
Original graphic novel!
In Shops: Sep 11, 2019
SRP: $7.95
PREVIEWS Page #127
(W) Matthew K. Manning (A) Marcio Fiorito (CA) Jon Sommariva
A new era of all-out Avengers action continues in these young reader friendly graphic novels! Heroes and villains alike prepare for an incoming threat from the cosmos! Will someone from Black Panther's past be friend or foe? And what sinister plan is M.O.D.O.K. preparing? Collects issues #7-9 of the Marvel Action: Avengers series.
In Shops: Feb 12, 2020
SRP: $9.99
PREVIEWS Page #140
(W) Derek Fridolfs, Sholly Fisch, Amanda Deibert, Matthew K. Manning, J. Torres, Paul Morrisey, Heather Nuhfer, Ivan Cohen, Lea H. Seidman (A) Derek Fridolfs, Erich Owen, Sandy Jarrell, Agnes Garbowska, Sarah Leuver, Philip Murphy (CA) Dario Brizuela
When Robin catches Starfire, Raven and Cyborg making paper airplanes, he warns them that they're dangerously close to unlocking "The Deadliest Art": origami. Then, the Titans are shunned by social media elites when a bad after-action photo reveals them as "Posers." Can they finalize a successful stance in time to defeat their next great menace? Collects issues #31-36.
In Shops: Nov 13, 2019
SRP: $12.99
(W) Charles M. Schulz (A/CA) Charles M. Schulz
* In the all-new Original Graphic Novel, SNOOPY: A BEAGLE OF MARS, Snoopy, the world-famous astronaut, heads to the stars in his most out-of-this-world adventure yet! What mysteries does the red planet hold? Will he find water? Will he find life? Will he find the time to get in a quick nine holes?
* Snoopy grabs his golf clubs and blasts off for Mars in this original graphic novel from the world of Charles M. Schulz and Peanuts!
In Shops: Dec 18, 2019
SRP: $9.99
PREVIEWS Page #222
(W) Peter Catalanotto (A) Peter Catalanotto
In the spirit of Frog and Toad, this delightful graphic novel introduces another pair of unlikely friends. Using plays on words and humorous misunderstandings, the stories of all-too-literal Monkey and all-too-careful Robot will delight reluctant readers.
In Shops: Oct 16, 2019
SRP: $17.99
PREVIEWS Page #334
(W) Chet Stover, Buck Biggers (A) Frank Johnson, Jorge Pacheco (CA) Patrick Owsley
There's no need to fear, UNDERDOG is here!  For over 50 years the adventures of Underdog have entertained children of all ages.  When the call for help goes out, Shoeshine Boy leaps into action by transforming into Underdog!  With the speed of lightning and a roar of thunder, Underdog fights his many colorful foes including the dastardly Simon Bar Sinister, Riff Raff, and the Marble Men to save Sweet Polly Purebred and the city!  Relive your childhood with this cherished animated classic which presents some of the best original comic book adventures ever assembled!        
In Shops: Sep 18, 2019
SRP: $19.99
PREVIEWS Page #275
(W) Jeff Weigel (A/CA) Jeff Weigel
Two young spaceship mechanics are kidnapped by pirates and must decide whether to join their freedom fighter cause.
In Shops: Sep 18, 2019
SRP: $12.99
PREVIEWS Page #356
(W) Mallory Reaves (A) Saa (CA) Nao Kodaka
Kilala was an ordinary girl living an ordinary life, until a magical tiara and a miraculous portal led her on an incredible journey through the worlds of her favorite Disney princesses, and gave her the strength she needed to save a kingdom and become a true princess.
But being a princess isn't easy, and Kilala's tiara sends her on a new quest... this time to ancient China's greatest warrior, Mulan! Bandits are storming the countryside, and Mulan and Shang are on an imperial mission to help the villagers relocate to safer grounds. Kilala and her friends stop to help, but when they're overpowered by a team of bandits they must all work together to free themselves.
Final Orders Due: Aug 10, 2020
SRP: $3.99
PREVIEWS Page #428

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