Suit Up: The Spider-Man Strut

See the many incarnations of Spider-Man in this month's edition of Suit Up! Before Peter Parker swings into theaters with Spider-Man: Homecoming, check out what he's doing in PREVIEWS, and be sure to pre-order these items from the January PREVIEWS order form!

Amazing Spider-Man #17

It's often said that which you don't know can't harm you. Well, we're here to tell yout that's wrong. You may not know him. But he's dying to meet you. In fact, people die all the time the moment they know him. His name is Kraven the Hunter, and as you can see he loves to adorn his wall with trophies. But not the kind when you win at tennis. Or baseball. Or any other sport. See, his sport is blood, and he plays for keeps. The truth is, Marvel's been teasing a huge Kraven story since the launch of this series. Now, however, in Amazing Spider-Man #17 (JAN190896), you get to see Sergei Kravinoff and his minions in action. Who's head do you think will roll first? Find out in this future March issue which you can find in the latest Marvel PREVIEWS!

Spider-Man: City At War #1

What would be an ideal day at the office if you were a web-swinging super-hero? Would it be that the coffe pot is full when you first clocked in? Traffic wasn't an issue? Or would it be that the authorities have finally decided to assist you in arresting the Kingpin of Crime? Check off box "C" if you're the web swinger in Spider-Man: City of War #1 (JAN190967). The day's off to a good start if you finally have some back-up because, after all, you're only risking your neck to save the city from a guy who's trying to destroy it. But here's the conundrum: once the big fat man is removed from the mean streets of the Big Apple, is it that the mysterious Mister Negative's ascent to power is any less of a headache? You just traded one problem for another! See how Peter Parker deals with the aftermath of a power vacuum in this new series found in the January issue of Marvel PREVIEWS!

Spider-Man Life Story 1: The '60s

Did you know that fifty-seven years have passed in the real world since Stan Lee first gave us the story about a young man named Peter Parker? He and artist Steve Ditko put together a lead feature story for the comic book Amazing Fantasy #15, and it completely changed comic books forever. That is not hyperbole. It literally changed everything. The world was given an American icon that to this day still packs the house, and makes everyone root for the average guy who for some amazing reason got super powers, and decided to help the world when he learned the hard way that with great power comes great responsibility. In Spider-Man Life Story 1: The 60s (JAN190927), you get to see Spidey against the key events of this decade through which he Thompson drafted for the Vietnam War! Look for it in the January issue of Marvel PREVIEWS!

Spider-Man: Far From Home Prelude #1

A vacation is a good thing. It recharges the batteries. It makes you know that life doesn't have to be all work and no play, and so, yes, there is an endgame in sight. It's called retirement. But Peter Parker might be the one that's made to retire long before he's eligible for a senior citizen's discount as even though he's away on leave, his responsibilities to innocent civilians is never far behind. In the Spider-Man: Far From Home Prelude #1 (JAN190995), alien technology has been dropped in the hands of someone who's intentions aren't exactly noble, and Peter Parker's abilities just may be the only thing standing between New York City and annihilation! Want to know how Iron Man pitches in a helping hand for a crisis in the Big Apple? Check out this new book which you'll find in the January issue of Marvel PREVIEWS!

Marvel Gallery Spider-Man PS4 PVC Figure

He's in comics, he's in movies, he's in video games, he's in toys, he's in toys based on video games...the PS4 to be exact, and if you want to confirm that just check out the Marvel Gallery Spider-Man PS4 PVC Figure (JAN192552) from Diamond Select Toys. Sitting atop a Spider-logo in his new, already-iconic costume, this 10" tall version of the Wallcrawler attests to the hero's fortitude and gung-ho guts that you need when its time to jump in the fire, and take on bad guys head-on with no respect to your own health and continued breathing. This figure can be found int eh Diamond Select Toys section of the January edition of the PREVIEWS comic shop catalog!


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