Staff Picks (January): The Goon #1

I don’t know if you noticed the first hundred times you read the Goon series, but it is damned delightful. You probably knew that already, though, because it’s been a staple on comic shop shelves for a very long time. The Goon has always played in that creepy/funny sandbox that appeals to readers’ darker sense of humor; funning on the dead and the dreary, giving us snicker-worthy takes on old horror tropes. It’s a little spooky (or spoopy, to us kids), a little surly, a lot funny, and all heart.

This new #1 is no exception. Centering around Goon, Franky and Roscoe’s return to town after some overseas adventures, they find that things aren’t quite as hunky-dory as they figured they’d be.

In fact, it looks like happenings in town have gotten quite a bit worse.

Now it’s up to our face-breaking hero and his friends to clean things up once more. First step? Find new digs. Second step? Punch zombies, ghouls, vampires, mummies, etc in their ugly mugs. Third step? Profit.

If you enjoyed the original Goon (If you didn’t, what’s wrong? Why do you hate fun? How can I help?), you won’t want to miss the new series by original creator Eric Powell and Albatross Funnybooks!

Steve Leaf

Publisher: Albatross Funnybooks
Item Code: JAN191512
Release Date: 3/13/19
SRP: $3.99

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