Bring On The Bad Guys: Thanos, Darth Vader, & The Skrulls

Egads! Another molotov cocktail that's served as a kids drink. Say it isn't so! Say we don't have to suffer the bad guys again! Yes, sad for all of those within hearing range... you will submit!  Your lethal injection of mean is back with this month’s rendition of “Bring on the Bad Guys,” and once again we show that we don’t discriminate because of race, sex, color, or creed. If you’re rotten, you qualify. And there are many ways to qualify. It might be that you enjoy kicking cats. It might be that you eat people. Or...maybe it’s because you’re one of Satan’s soldiers. In any event, we flip through the PREVIEWS catalog each month to see who needs to be called out as a deviant, and then we explain why these people … or things … or whatever they are … shouldn’t be helped if you see them bleeding in the middle of the street.

Let us begin.

Meet The Skrulls #1

They're one big happy family. On the outside. On the inside, they're murderous aliens that want to turn your neighborhood into a parking lot. Better yet: glass. Easier to clean glass than it is to haul away rubble out of a parking lot. They're new faces from writer Robbie Thompson and artist Niko Henrichon. People on the block that you'd chat with over a beer. Maybe your Mom borrowed a crock pot from them. Just ordinary folks leading an ordinary life. You'd never know that they're the faces of death. But soon you'll learn their secrets in Meet The Skrulls #1 (JAN190935), which you can find between the pages of the January Marvel PREVIEWS catalog!


Star Wars: Darth Vader — Dark Visions #1

And I looked, and beheld, a pale horse. And its rider's name was Death, and Hell followed wtih him. Behind him was another rider, the rider held a crimson lightsaber. And the Empire followed with him. And anyone else who had a brain followed him as well, because crossing him is never an option. He is a Sith warrior. A commander. In some places, however, that is a godsend. It's all a matter of perspective. If you lived in a world of chaos with no rules and no mercy, but the Empire at least offered you a place to sleep and food to eat...that would be a good thing. Right? You will get to ask yourself those kinds of questions when you pick up Marvel Comics' Star Wars: Darth Vader — Dark Visions #1 (JAN191054) from writer Dennis Hopeless and Paolo Villanelli. Look for it in the January Marvel PREVIEWS catalog!

Friday The 13th Jason Mask Knit Cap

Ever been do a nerd party? A transcendent event? You know. The kind of scene where everyone gathers in a 2-story building to get down with drinks half-priced, techno music, retro decor on the walls, maybe there's even a comic shop that's acting as a sponsor for the whole thing. It's a gathering of like minds. An appetizer platter of pop culture for cosplay enthusiasts and geeks from all walks of life. Essentially, a late night party you never want to leave. What do you wear to such an occasion when the temperature outside is near or below freezing? Sport this Friday The 13th Jason Mask Knit Cap (SEP188846), and find yourself starting a conversation with anyone who's a horror buff!


Marvel Infinity War Thanos Life-Size Stand Up

If ever you needed a visual for how power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely, you can use the Marvel Infinity War Thanos Life-Size Stand Up (JAN193101) to be your highwater mark. This is what absoute power looks like: it creates a twisted version of a life, and it is a life devoid of passion, forgiveness, or mercy. It merely exists to be itself. When it finds that there is no answer besides itself, it goes mad. And then what, you ask? Well, you'll have to see the Avengers: Endgame movie to find that out (hoping you weren't the 50% of humanity that's already been wiped out). You can find this Stand Up in the Collectibles & Novelties section of the January 2019 PREVIEWS catalog!

Star Wars: Executioner Trooper 1/6 Scale Statue

How up-to-speed are you on Star Wars trivia? Are you a Jedi master or a stuck-up, half-witted, scruffy-looking nerf herder? For instance, did you know that an Executioner Trooper wears a specific armor with black carbon-finish accents and the unmistakable black stripes on their helmets? You didn't know that? Well, they do! Want proof? Check out the Star Wars: Executioner Trooper 1/6 Scale Statue (JAN192647) from Gentle Giant Studios. These folks specialize in getting it right the first time. They ARE Jedi masters when it comes to meeting everyone's expectations for movie accurate renditions of Lucasfilm characters. The proof is right down to this figure's laser axe, which when activated is quite efficicent at separating limbs from the intended target. Look for this up-scale collectible in the Toys/Statues/Models section of the January PREVIEWS catalog!

Once again we've done our job for the month, showing you our list of unforgivable irredeemables! Go out and pick up a copy of the January PREVIEWS, and let us know your favorite villains, and who YOU want to pit against each other in a fight to the death. Hit us up on Facebook or Twitter, and let us know about your favorite bad guys.

See you next time, fellow degenerates!

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