Pitbull Pushover In Robyn Hood: Outlaw


by Vince Brusio

Zenescope’s new co-founder and head of Film & TV Development Ralph Tedesco got together with the company’s Executive Editor Dave Franchini to explain a few things to us here at PREVIEWSworld. Their message you ask? Get ready for a new Robyn Hood series, because even though the last boyfriend didn’t work out too well, that doesn’t mean Robyn is going to bury herself in ice cream and watch a This Is Us marathon. Things are about to heat up quick in a six-issue series that kicks off with Robyn Hood: Outlaw #1, which may be a problem as Robyn seems to have…slightly…mellowed.

Robyn Hood: Outlaw #1 (DEC182156) is available on February 13th at your local comic shop!


Vince Brusio: Coming off her last series, where is Robyn’s head today? If she had to prioritize, what’s at the top of her list of things to do?

Ralph Tedesco: That’s a good question as she’s definitely dealing with a lot after the events of Robyn Hood: The Curse, which drastically shook up her world and her circle of friends. She just doesn’t have much time to process everything before she’s back at it.

Dave Franchini: Right. Due to the narrative of this new series she won’t have much time to really gather herself together before she’s pulled right back into the action.  But I would think battling for some sense of stability might make it to the top her list after what she goes through in this upcoming series.

Vince Brusio: Where is Robyn personally? Is there room for a love life? Any chance for reflection? What does a normal life mean for her, and does she really want it?

Dave Franchini: After her last boyfriend turned out to be a modern-day Aztec priest who was summoning an ancient god-like being intent on ruling the world, it’s safe to say she’s put dating on the backburner. But it’s not out of the question that she finds another potential love interest soon.

Ralph Tedesco: The writer of Outlaw, Howard Mackie, did a really nice job with this series as it aims to put us a little more inside of Robyn’s head regarding how she fits into this world. A normal life for Robyn means more obstacles, more challenges and more battles. But as fans, that’s what we want.

Dave Franchini: Yeah, I don’t see her hanging up her bow and hood anytime soon. Though her mind may change after this one.

Vince Brusio: How has Robyn evolved since she was first rolled out by Zenescope in 2013? In the five years that she’s been shooting us with arrows, what is she learning, and what is she failing to learn?

Ralph Tedesco: Robyn as a character has grown immensely over the years. I mean in the original story she was sort of a reckless, angry and damaged young woman who knew nothing about her lineage or her calling.  She then goes on this insane adventure in the first trilogy where she helps liberate a mystical city then returns to New York and becomes a fixer-for-hire.

Dave Franchini: And over the years she learns from each situation she’s in. We’ve watched her personality change, we’ve watched her become more emotionally mature. She evolved from a vengeful and damaged person into a loving and caring one.

Ralph Tedesco: But she’s held onto her cynicism and crankiness of course. There may be no changing that.

Vince Brusio: Robyn’s abusive past has helped shape her vengeful nature. But are we about to see her cross yet another line, thus the new series title, “Outlaw”?

Dave Franchini: This series will deal with the lines Robyn chooses to cross and the lines she will be forced to cross in order to get her life back together. It will definitely be something different than what we’ve seen before. And at this will also get a little darker as Robyn is backed into a corner.

Ralph Tedesco: Robyn’s a pitbull and she has no tolerance for garbage, but that can also sometimes be her Achilles’ heel because she can’t just play nice sometimes. But this series is so much fun because it sort of has this heist arc. And she’s forced into a position where she has to team up with some bad people to get something she needs, so the choices she has to make become more difficult.

Vince Brusio: What can you tell us about this new adversary in “Outlaw,” and how will Robyn be tested like she hasn’t been tested before?

Dave Franchini: It’s safe to say that Robyn’s days of freely handing out justice on the streets will come to an end. This series will deal with the consequences behind her choices and she will need to re-evaluate how her world works moving forward. 

Ralph Tedesco: This will change things in a big way for Robyn so she’ll need to adapt in a big way. It gives her some big challenges to face for the next series and we’re stoked to see where it goes.

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