Mia's Manga Musts: Devilman, NBX, and More!

WIN A MASSIVE MANGA prize pack! PREVIEWSworld's Ani-Mia is here and she's got a few must-haves from the manga section of our December catalog! Check out these entertaining new adventures, imported from Japan and be sure to stick to the end for a chance to win a manga prize pack featuring titles from VIZ Media, Kodansha Comics, and TOKYOPOP!  

This month Mia explores...

(W) Dj Milky (A) Kei Ishiyama, Kiyoshi Arai, David Hutchinson, Dan Conner
Jack Skellington is the undisputed Pumpkin King of Halloween Town and creative genius behind the most spook-tacular scares. Beside him through every great new creepy concept is his ever-faithful ghost pup, Zero. But panic descends on Halloween Town when a clumsy mistake leads to Zero going missing!
In Shops: Jan 16, 2019
SRP: $15.99
PREVIEWS Page #375

(W) Hiro Mashima (A/CA) Hiro Mashima
It's here! The creator of Fairy Tail, manga superstar Hiro Mashima, is back with a high-flying space adventure! All the steadfast friendship, crazy fighting, and blue cats you've come to expect... in space! A young boy gazes up at the sky and sees a streaming bolt of light. The friendly, armor-clad being at his side tells him gently, "That's a dragon." The fact that he's joking isn't important. What's important is the look of wonder on the boy's face... and the galaxy-spanning adventure that's about to take place! Join Hiro Mashima once more as he takes to the stars for another thrilling saga!
In Shops: Feb 06, 2019
SRP: $10.99
PREVIEWS Page #400

(W) Go Nagai (A/CA) Rui Takatou
The original horror manga classic that inspired the genre for decades! For ages, the demons that once ravaged the earth have been trapped, leaving earth to enjoy a time of relative peace. But that peace is coming to an end. Demons have risen once again, tipping the world ever closer to Armageddon. Gentle Akira Fudo may seem like an unlikely hero, but due to his pure heart, he is able to become Devilman - a human with demonic powers, and the planet's only hope of salvation!
In Shops: Jan 16, 2019
SRP: $29.99
PREVIEWS Page #406

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