A Plague On The Church In Bloodborne


Bloodborne Volume 2: The Healing Thirst (NOV181988) tells a new story in the world of FromSoftware's gothic horror-action gaming hit. Read what artist Piotr Kowalkski has to say about it in this PREVIEWSworld interview.


Titan Comics: Were you a fan of Bloodborne before you started work on this comic series?

Piotr Kowalkski: In general I don't play video games. I simply do not have the time! So I was totally unfamiliar with  Bloodborne prior to this project. Ales introduced me to the game, and to all the visual aspects of its world - I played catch up as best I could!

In order to sink deeper into the Bloodborne  universe  I had to absorb massive amounts of original designs,sketches, and images from the game. Fortunately, as a major horror fan I found that the entire visual design of the game matched my own private interests, and I found it easy to mirror the dark atmosphere in my drawings. Or at least I hope I did!

Titan Comics: What would you say are the main challenges of drawing for Bloodborne? How do you blend horror and action in your artwork?

Piotr Kowalkski: The biggest challenge here is striking a balance in details. I love drawing the intricate, gothic architecture that populates Yharnam, even before it became a nightmarish ruin. And you need to be able to draw this kind of horror or mystery comic tale in a very detailed style. On the other hand, you have to be careful - drawing pages that are too busy and over-detailed is never a good thing.

Titan Comics: How do you and Ales Kot work together in telling these new stories in an established world?

Piotr Kowalkski: Ales is one of those writers who maintain constant communication with the rest of the team. Whenever  I need his opinion on a sequence , or any help with a subject, I can always count on him.

This is really important on projects like The Healing Thirst, where we are exploring relatively unknown territory.
You absolutely want to have a writer like Ales , an author who has a very strong and coherent vision of the entire tale.

Titan Comics: Do you have any special messages for fans of your work, or of Bloodborne in general?

Piotr Kowalkski: I would like to thank fans of the comic for their support , and for so many positive reviews. Any feedback we get from our readers is priceless. And I have a message for all those who have enjoyed reading Bloodborne comics so far - brace yourself for more!

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