The Return Of Conan


Conan the Cimmerian cuts a bloody swathe through the lands of the Hyborian Age as Robert E. Howard's legendary sword and sorcery character returns in Marvel Comics' new Conan the Barbarian series by Jason Aaron and Mahmud Asrar!

Thousands of years before recorded history, born in lands we know today as Ireland and Scotland, a warrior arose known as Conan. The waning days of an ice age, the Hyborian Age was a harsh and unforgiving time in Earth's history; life was hard, food scarce, and many lived lives of subsistence and desperation. Conan was one born for this environment, a survivor. From one end of the world to the other he wandered in search of adventure, living by his wits and his sword, finding treasure and slaying monsters, toppling tyrants and battling wizards. Conan wasn't just a hero. Conan was a legend.

Spanning the breadth of Conan's legendary life, Jason Aaron and Mahmud Asrar are creating a new tale of Conan, one that, much like Aaron's work on Thor, draws together the threads of his life as chronicled in Howard's original stories to tell a deeper tale. Combining unparalleled adventure, unbelievable wonder, and visceral action, Aaron and Asrar's Conan the Barbarian is the comic book for both long-time Conan fans as well as newcomers to the sword and sorcery genre.

Weaving an epic tale of magic and myth, blood and sweat, ancient civilizations and decadent kingdoms, Aaron and Asrar's Conan the Barbarian #1 (NOV180740) marks the start a new era in one of literature's iconic characters. The Hyborian Age summons you this January!

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