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Product Changes (08/28)



• Damage #9
(JUL180634, $2.99) now features art by Aaron Lopresti and Matt Ryan.


• Spawn #290 Cover B Tan/McFarlane (JUL180327, $2.99) will now be a black-&-white interior variant, not full color. Cover A Mattina (JUL180326) will remain full-color.


• Marvel Super Hero Adventures: Captain Marvel First Day of School #1
(JUL181157, $3.99) will have interior art by Ty Templeton, in addition to Mario Delpennino.

• Return of Wolverine #1 McNiven Whiskers Costume Virgin Variant
(JUN188394, $4.99) will now be retitled Return of Wolverine #1 McNiven Original Wolverine Virgin Variant.

• Venom: First Host #4 Siqueira Variant (JUL181051, $3.99) will have art by Tak Miyazawa.

• True Believers: Cage by Azzarello & Corben #1 (JUL18 1074, $1) is cancelled and will now be replaced by True Believers: Marvel Knights 20th Anniversary: Luke Cage/Fantastic Four #1 (JUL188764, $1).

• Venom: First Host #4 (JUL181050, $3.99) and #5 (JUL181052, $3.99) will have art by Mark Bagley and Paco Diaz, not Mark Bagley and Ron Lim, as previously updated.

• The Superior Octopus #1 SG (AUG180863, $4.99) will have 40 pages, instead of 48 pages.

• Typhoid Fever: Spider-Man #1 (AUG180967, $4.99) will be written by Clay Chapman, instead of Max Bemis, and will be rated T+, not T.

• Shatterstar #1 (AUG180898, $3.99) will have interior art by Gerardo Sandoval, in addition to Carlos Villa.

• The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #37 (AUG181022, $3.99) will be rated T, instead of T+.

• The Life of Captain Marvel #4 (AUG181024, $3.99) will have interior art by Marguerite Sauvage, in addition to Carlos Pacheco.

• Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #311 SG (AUG180862, $3.99) will be rated T, instead of T+.

• Shuri #1 Dodson Teaser Variant (AUG180872, $3.99) will have cover art by Carlos Pacheco, instead of Terry Dodson.

• Venom Annual #1 (AUG180977, $4.99) will be rated T+, instead of T.

• Return of Wolverine #2 (AUG180889, $3.99) will have interior art by Declan Shalvey, instead of Steve McNiven.

• Spider-Gwen: Ghost-Spider #1 SG (AUG180854, $3.99) will be rated T, instead of T+.

• Sentry #5 (AUG180996, $3.99) will have interior art by Joshua Cassara, instead of Kim Jacinto and Cassara.

• Star Wars: Han Solo, Imperial Cadet #1 (SEP180991, $3.99) has an updated cover, shown here.

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• The price of Taschen America’s The Stan Lee Story Taschen Deluxe Edition (JUL188260) has changed from $1,250 to $1,500.

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