Comic Book Weddings To Remember

Yes, if there are two things you can count on with superheroes it is monthly high-flying adventures, and, eventually, a “wedding of the century.” As a matter of fact, there have been so many superhero weddings of the century that there's not enough time this century to list them all.

Which got us to thinking: what super-powered weddings have we seen throughout the years? Here are some of our favorites.


Reed Richards + Sue Storm (Fantastic Four Annual #3 from 1965)

Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman met in college and their romance has skyrocketed ever since. Literally. Introduced in 1961, the Marvel husband and wife duo have survived radioactive space-travel, unruly molemen, Atlantean kidnappers, and much more!



Peter Parker + Mary Jane Watson (Amazing Spider-Man Annual #21 from 1987)

Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson met in high school, but their earliest encounters were less than ideal. It must have been meant to be, however, because a series of missed connections couldn't keep these two apart.

The Watson-Parkers married in 1987. They'd go on to survive symbiotes, eviction, astral projection, celebrity stalkers, clones, and a goblin for a next door neighbor. 



Aquaman + Mera (Aquaman #18 from 1964)

Searching for ideas for a themed wedding? How about underwater?

Married since 1964, not only did Aquaman and Mera, the future king and queen, exchange nuptials in front of the entire Kingdom of Atlantis, but the Justice League were in attendance too!




Deadpool + Shiklah (Deadpool #27 from 2012)

This one didn’t make it and, frankly, we kind of understand why. Deadpool is the "merc with the mouth" and Shiklah is a succubus who rules over the world of monsters. There was bound to be friction. Especially when Dracula steps in to c-block your marriage.




Green Arrow + Black Canary  (Green Arrow and Black Canary Wedding Special  from 2007)

Yep, Cupid’s arrow struck the emerald archer and Black Canary.

This wedding day took place inside the Justice League’s cave headquarters, and Canary made sure to include her trademark fishnets when picking a wedding gown. Some would say that fishnets at a wedding is in poor taste, but would you want to be wearing a train when your arch-enemies inevitably crash your big day? Didn’t think so.



Scott Summers + Jean Grey (X-Men #30 from 1994)

The relationship between Scott Summers and Jean Grey is pretty rocky. First, there’s that whole bit where Jean had a telepathic affair with Mastermind and then turned into planet-devouring firebird. Then there’s that bit where Scott had a telepathic affair with Emma Frost and Jean turned into a timeline-devouring firebird.

Oh, and then Jean died and Scott killed their father figure. 

It’s okay, though. They are now teenagers and have a chance to get it right this go-round. Maybe.



Lois Lane + Clark Kent (Superman Wedding Album #1 from 1996)

They say work romances are doomed to fail, but Lois Lane and Clark Kent have managed to keep the true nature of their relationship under wraps. And by true nature, I mean that she’s totally a human and he’s totally the last survivor of an alien planet. That’s definitely the type of thing you should keep secret from your Daily Planet co-workers.

In  2018, the spandex-clad crowd has not one but two major wedding events. In July, Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle (er, Batman and Catwoman) will be tying the knot in Gotham. Meanwhile, this week sees Colossus and Kitty Pryde, heading to the chapel over at Marvel. So, here's your official invite to TWO weddings of the century. All you have to do is head to your local comic shop. Formal wear not required. 


In Shops: May 16, 2018

In Shops: July 04, 2018

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