A Lucky Number For Doctor Who

This month sees the launch of Titan Comics' The Road To The Thirteenth Doctor #1 (MAY181999), which prepares the way for the new ongoing series later this year. Titan Comics sat down with editor Jess Burton and brand manager Chris Thompson to discuss what they have in store for the Doctors, and why now is the best time to revisit the series.


Titan Comics: Firstly, can you explain a bit about Titan's new" The Road to The Thirteenth Doctor"  three-part series?

Jess Burton: The Road to the Thirteenth Doctor is a thrilling new mini-series that gives our fans exactly what they want - more of their favorite New Who Doctors!

Chris Thompson: This is very much about addressing what both fans and retailers want out of Doctor Who. Everyone wants to see new adventures of their favorite Doctors, but they' re also really excited about the upcoming launch of the Thirteenth Doctor , so we wanted to find a way to combine the two and do both of them justice.

Titan Comics: With the exciting announcement of Jody Houser, Rachael Stott, and Enrica Angiolini working on the Thirteenth Doctor comics (and "The Road To The Thirteenth Doctor'' back­ up strips), what will they be bringing to the table?

Jess Burton: Fun and fantasticness! I' m so excited to see what they’ll come up with - it's sure to be phenomenal! I've enjoyed their work for a long time, so it's truly a dream team for me.

Chris Thompson: We really couldn't be happier about this ... Jody Hauser 's Whovian cred is already well-established  thanks to Geek & Sundry, but she also has a knack for writing supporting characters and villains that is so crucial to creating a good Doctor Who story. Rachael Stott cut her teeth on the Doctor, and has become a part of the larger Gallifreyan tapestry, that it was only natural to have her back.

Titan Comics: Writer James Peaty is working with a host of very talented artists on " The Road To The Thirteenth Doctor'' three-part series, can you tease what exciting new story developments readers can expect from the upcoming series?

Jess Burton: These stories will be some of each Doctor's (unseen) greatest hits, packed full of new and old enemies.

Chris Thompson: James Peaty has an ear for dialogue that captures the tone and voice of each incarnation, while making each adventure unique and distinct from one another. These are new Doctor Who stories which work as the perfect primer for new and old fans alike.

Titan Comics: The Doctor Who Comics Day 2018 date has been revealed – November 24 - what have you in store for fans of Doctor Who this year?

Jess Burton: Plenty! Doctor Who Comics Day is always a day about celebrating the fans, and this year will be bigger and better than ever. It will also be the chance to welcome in the Thirteenth Doctor with a bang. Watch this space for more announcements on how your local comics shop will be bringing the fun to your area!

Chris Thompson: This is a new time and a new era, and it conveniently falls right after the actual Doctor Who Day (November 23) which recognizes the original date of transmission in 1963 - exactly 55 years ago! Once people see what Jody, Rachael and Enrica have in store for them, I think they ' ll be on board.

Titan Comics: And finally, what's been your favorite Tenth, Eleventh, or Twelfth Doctor Who story you've worked on during the past year that readers should check out?

Jess Burton: I've loved every single issue we've worked on this year, and it's such a joy to be surrounded by the exceptional talent who put their heart and soul into every one of the issues. If I had to pick, I'd have to go with the Tenth Doctor: The Good Companion arc. I cried at every stage, from receiving Nick Abadzis ' script , to seeing Giorgia Sposito's pencils and right through to Adele Matera and Arianna Florean's colors ... just a beautiful , heart-wrenching story that I'd highly recommend to any fan!

Chris Thompson: I'd have to agree with Jess on this one, and second the vote for The Good Companion. While I've been really proud of everything we've put out , this arc really tugged at the heart strings and allowed Nick Abadzis , Giorgia Sposito and Arianna Florean to pull together all the threads as we approach the end. That's not to say their story 's over, but there's definitely a culmination taking place. These stories are in canon, and if you consider where we leave the Tenth Doctor at the end of this arc then it adds extra layers and nuance to David Tennant 's later performances. That 's the beauty of the Doctor Who comics line for me because not only do we manage to tell engaging stories within continuity cul-de-sacs , but we also manage to find ways to contribute to the bigger picture. It's not easy, but I' m excited about that when I think back - as well as when I' m looking to the future.

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