Women in Comics Month: Interview with Christina Trujillo

In honor of Women in Comics Month this March, PREVIEWSworld talks with writer Christina Trujillo!


PREVIEWSworld: Who is your current comics employer?

Christina Trujillo: Dynamite Entertainment

PREVIEWSworld: What is your primary job title? In a quick phrase or two, could you define your job’s key responsibility?

Christina Trujillo: Writer. My job’s key responsibility is to work with editors, licensors, and others to create exciting, fun stories.

PREVIEWSworld: Could you please explain how your work helps make comics a reality? (Connect the dots for us. Where are you in the flow of getting a book into reader hands?)

Christina Trujillo: I write the scripts which then get passed along to the amazing artists who bring the stories to life with killer images. 

PREVIEWSworld: What’s the part of your job you enjoy the most?

Christina Trujillo: Working with such amazing people and getting to see the marriage of beautiful art with the ideas I wrote! It’s like seeing your baby grow from a collection of words with too many exclamation points into a fully formed take-your-breath-away issue sitting on a shelf in a comic shop somewhere out in the world. Nothing beats getting to work on a story with someone who loves the characters as much as you do.

PREVIEWSworld: What comic titles have you worked on?

Christina Trujillo: Sheena: Queen of the Jungle

PREVIEWSworld: Please tell us about the coolest experience you’ve ever had thanks to your job.

Christina Trujillo: Going to New York Comic-Con as a writer, getting to meet other people who love comics as much as I do, has been the coolest experience I’ve had thanks to this job!

PREVIEWSworld: Every industry professional has something they absolutely love about comics. Whether it’s a particular title or format or audience or tradition or something else, we’re all hooked. What’s special about comics for you? Would you be willing to share a treasured memory about it?

Christina Trujillo: I think the timeless strength of characters in comics is what I love most—they’re always there for you when you need them. There’s something magical about how you can always count on them when times get tough, which is something I learned firsthand when I was younger. A huge storm came through my town and destroyed my house back when I was in middle school. When my family and I were finally able to start cleaning up the mess, I discovered that one of the few things that made it through the storm intact was a stack of comic books in my desk drawer. They were literally there for me when nothing else was left; in the face of something so devastating, those characters were ready to offer me their strength and that’s what comics are all about.

: Do you have an online presence we can link to and share with our readers?

Christina Trujillo: You can find me @Spell_Christina on Twitter.

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