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Product Changes (08/08)



Best Wishes HC (JUL170145, $19.99) was erroneously solicited as a hardcover. It is, in fact, a trade paperback.


Absolute WildC.A.T.s HC (JUL170485, $125) has been retitled Absolute WildC.A.T.s by Jim Lee HC.

Action Comics #987 Variant Edition (JUL170325, $2.99) now features a cover by Neil Edwards & Jay Leisten.

Action Comics #988 (JUL170326, $3.99, JUL170327 / JUL170328, $2.99 ea.) now features art by Ryan Sook.

The price of Dark Nights: Metal #2 (JUL170300 / JUL170301 / JUL170302 / JUL170303D) has changed to $3.99.

Darkseid Special #1 (JUN170374, $4.99) the OMAC backup story is now written by Paul Levitz.

DC'S Greatest Hits Box Set TP (JUL170470D) the price has been reduced to $39.96.

Future Quest Vol. 2 TP (JUN170408, $16.99) has been increased to 160 pages.

Justice League of America #13 Variant Edition (JUN170298, $2.99) now features art by Doug Mahnke.

Justice League of America: The Detroit Era Omnibus HC (JUL170483D) has been increased to 1064 pages and the price has increased to $125.

Sebastian O/The Mystery Play HC (JUL170492, $29.99) will be published at regular trim size, not Deluxe.


Please note that Kid Lobotomy (Reg./Var.: #1: AUG170373 / AUG170374, $3.99 ea.) will be for Mature Readers (MR).


The price of Generation Gone #2 (MR) (Cvr. A: JUN170753D; Cvr. B Hickman Cvr Mth.:  MAY178626D) has changed from $2.99 to $3.99.

Deadly Class #30 Cover B (APR170784, $3.99) will be by Daniel Warren Johnson, not Stephane Roux.


Bloodstone & the Legion of Monsters TP (JUN171065, $34.99) will now be 304 pages instead of 312, and will contain Legion of Monsters (2011) #1-#4; Astonishing Tales: Boom Boom and Elsa 1; Marvel Presents #1-#2; material from Marvel Assistant-Sized Spectacular #2; Girl Comics (2010) #2; Rampaging Hulk (1977) #1-#6 & #8.

Doctor Strange HC Vol. 1 (JUN171047, $34.99) will now have 304 pages, instead of 280.

Generations: Hawkeye & Hawkeye #1 TBA Variant (JUN170864, $4.99) will now have art by Meghan Hetrick, and be retitled Generations: Hawkeye & Hawkeye #1 Hetrick Variant.

Jessica Jones #12 (JUL171102, $3.99) will now have interior art by Michael Gaydos & Javier Pulido, instead of Michael Gaydos alone.

Journey to Star Wars: The Last Jedi — Captain Phasma (#1: JUL171161D; #2: JUL171173D; #3: AUG170989D; #4: AUG170996D; $3.99 ea.) will now be rated T, instead of T+.

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season Four Declassified Slipcase HC (JUN171042, $50) will now have 264 pages, instead of 240 pages.

Hulk #10 (JUL171046, $3.99) will now have interior art by Julian Lopez Velarde & Francesco Gaston, instead of Julian Lopez Velarde alone.

Weapon X #7 (JUN170993, $3.99) and #8 (JUL171159 / JUL171160, $3.99 ea.) will now be written by Fred Van Lente in addition to Greg Pak, with interior art by Ibriam Roberson in addition to Marc Borstel.

X-Men Blue #11 (JUL171134, $3.99) will now have interior art by Douglas Franchin, instead of Giovanni Valletta.

Generation X TP Vol. 1: Natural Selection (AUG171032D) will now be $17.99, instead of $15.99.
!] Luke Cage #166 LEG (AUG170821 / AUG170822 / AUG170823 / AUG170824 / AUG170825, $3.99) will now have interior art by Guillermo Sanna, instead of Nelson Blake II.

Silver Surfer TP Vol. 5: The Man Who Lived Twice (AUG171015, $19.99; FOC 09/4/17) will now be retitled Silver Surfer TP Vol. 5: Power Greater Than Cosmic.

Please note the following new, updated descriptions for Weapon X #7-#10:

Weapon X #7
(JUN170993, $3.99)
The Hunt for Weapon H Part 1
Weapon H, a terrifying combination of the Hulk and Wolverine’s DNA, is the deadliest experiment to ever come out of the Weapon X Program – and they’ve officially lost control of him.
Old Man Logan, Sabretooth, Lady Deathstrike, Warpath and Domino race to find Weapon H, but what happens if he loses control before they can find him? Find out here!

Weapon X #8 (JUL171159 / JUL171160, $3.99 ea.)
The Hunt for Weapon H: Part 2
Doctor Alba's macabre experiments for the Weapon X program turned one of America's Finest into a behemoth imbued with genetics gifts of the Hulk and Wolverine.
Despite countless iterations, only he survived... What made him the perfect vessel for the curse? And how far will Doctor Alba go to recover her success story?

Weapon X #9 (AUG170984, $3.99)
The Hunt for Weapon H: Part 3
Sabertooth believes Weapon H must die, but Old Man Logan is intent on stopping him before he can.  
Weapon H is looking for answers, but only finds more questions and a more violent path.
Will Logan find Weapon H before its purpose is fulfilled?
Guest starring ALL-NEW WOLVERINE

Weapon X #10 (AUG170985, $3.99)
The Hunt for Weapon H: Part 4
Logan learns there is a facility with information on Weapon H’s past
Weapon H is under.
Will Sabertooth find a way to kill Weapon H before its past is uncovered?

Spider-Man: Homecoming - The Art of the Movie Slipcase HC (APR171138, $50) is written by Eleni Roussos, not Jacob Johnson.

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