Staff Picks (July): Graveland #1


Scout Comics has really upped their game in the last year. Adding to their roster of strong, original material from exciting new comic creators, Graveland is a genre-bending romp with something for everyone. Pulling in elements of blockbuster action, classic kaiju sci-fi, apocalyptic horror, and superhero adventure, this series promises to just keeping getting crazier as the tale goes on.

When The San Andreas Fault finally cracks and California falls into the sea, it isn’t “The Big One” that everyone was expecting. It wasn’t tectonic shifts or seismic activity or volcanoes. An ancient race of sleeping giants, like some great elder god right out of a Lovecraft tale, has awoken. Rising up from beneath the crust of the Earth, these Giants resume their conquest of the surface world that began thousands of years ago. The military is helpless, even our most powerful weapons have no effect, so the government resorts to desperate measures. In a battle of gods and monsters, the only way to win is to create gods and monsters of your own. Using an experimental serum, the US government creates superhuman soldiers to battle the giants and save civilization as we know it.

The story is action-packed, gritty, and oddly funny, and the art matches the tone of the story perfectly. Gabriel Ibarra Nunez’ art manages to feel appropriately dark and ominous even as it is using bright, primary hues. Which sums up this book perfectly.

Trevor Richardson

Publisher: Scout Comics
Item Code: JUL172083
Release Date: 9/27/17
SRP: $3.99

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