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Product Changes (05/02)



• Action Comics #980
(MAR170259, $2.99) now features a cover by Clay Mann.
Deathstroke #19 Variant Edition (MAR170343, $2.99) now features a cover by Ivan Reis.
• Detective Comics #957 (MAR170286, $2.99) now features a cover by Eddy Barrows.
• Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #21 (MAR170300 / MAR170301, $2.99 ea.) now features art by V Ken Marion & Dexter Vines.
• The Hellblazer #10 (MAR170306 / MAR170307, $3.99 ea.) now features art by Davide Fabbri & Jose Marzan Jr.
• Justice League of America #7 (MAR170314 / MAR170315, $2.99) now features art by Jamal Campbell.


• Spider-Man/Deadpool TP Vol. 2: Side Pieces
(MAR171162, $16.99) will now have 128 pages, instead of 120.

• I Am Groot #1 Young New Variant (MAR170955, $3.99) has been cancelled, and will not be resolicited.

• I Am Groot #1 Variant (MAR170953, $3.99) will now have art by Greg Smallwood.

• Venom #150 Bagley Variant (MAR171013, $5.99) will now be retitled Venom #150 Bagley Remastered Variant.

Venom #150 Bagley Remastered Variant (MAR171014, $5.99) will now be retitled Venom #150 Bagley Remastered Sketch Variant.

• All New Guardians of the Galaxy #3 Mary Jane Variant (APR171061, $3.99) will now have art by Kris Anka.

• Secret Empire #4 (APR170922 / APR170923 / APR170924 / APR170925 / APR170926 / APR170927, $3.99 ea.) will now be 48 pages, instead of 40.

• Star Wars #32 Bartel Star Wars 40th Anniversary Variant (APR171112, $3.99) will now have cover art by Will Robson.

• Generations by Alex Ross Vinyl Poster (MAY170805D) will now be $34.99, not $39.99.

• Spider-Man 2099 #25 (MAY170855D) will now be $4.99, not $3.99.

Spider-Man: Homecoming Prelude TP (FEB170993, $14.99) will now have 120 pages, instead of 112.


• UDON Entertainment’s Street Fighter vs. Darkstalkers #1 (Reg./Var.: FEB172039 / FEB172040, $3.99 ea.; Blank: FEB172041, $4.99) will now include two exclusive foil cards for the UFS: Universal Fighting System collectible card game. The two exclusive cards feature all-new connecting artwork by Mauricio Herrera, showcasing the casts of these two fan-favorite franchises. Both cards are fully compatible with all UFS card sets and cannot be obtained outside the comic. The cards will be included in all first printings of the issue, including variant covers, blank sketch covers and incentive covers.

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