The Horror! The Horror!: Aliens, Z Nation, & The Wolfman

Finally! An ongoing monthly article that makes you face the monsters in the closet. You can run, but you can't hide from our selected ghoulish items in PREVIEWS that will make you flee and scream bloody murder. Horror fiends: let the madness begin! This is the run-down on what ghastly items can be found in this month's PREVIEWS catalog. If you can't take the chills, TOO BAD! This is where the children of the night gather, and howl at the moon without apology.

Aliens: Dead Orbit #1

In space no one can hear you scream. No one can send a repair man either, if something goes kaput on the monitor screen and you're coasting around Saturn. Or Pluto. Or wherever else space people go. So what's a guy supposed to do when his job one minute is to be an engineering officer, and the next minute he's trying to stay ahead of the jaws of death in Aliens: Dead Orbit #1 (FEB170019)? Writer/artist James Stokoe answers this question when he pens a thrilling and claustrophobic tale for Dark Horse Comics which you can find in the Premier Comics section of the February PREVIEWS catalog!

Promethus: Life and Death One-Shot

It's the final installment of the Life and Death saga fro writer Dan Abnett! The surviving Colonial Marines on the planet LV-223 face a final battle with an injured and enraged Engineer. So, essentially, this is it. No time left to strategize. No more time to ask yourself if you'll crack or fight the good fight when it's time to throw down. It's game time baby. It's the fourth quarter, and the two-minute warning was just fired. Time now to see if somewhere out in space, three trapped humans that seek to change the course of the Engineer's ship will be successful, and change the history of humanity! Or will they simply be cut up into space sausage? Find out in the Promethus: Life and Death One-Shot (FEB170024) from Dark Horse Comics in the February PREVIEWS!

Black-Eyed Kids Volume 2 TP

How can you not want to have children? To see that sparkle in their eye on Christmas morning when they open presents. To see their eyes fill with wonder when they go to their first baseball game. To hear them call you "Mommy" or "Daddy" for the first time. Yeah. Well. If you should meet the little tykes that want to take you by the hand in AfterShock Comics' Black-Eyed Kids Volume 2 TP (FEB171100), chances are you'll run screaming for the door, leaving all that wonderfullness behind you, as what was advertised on the front of the cereal box is not what you got when you opened it! Writer Joe Pruett and artist Szymon Kudranski take you on a tour through kindergarten from hell in a story that pits people against devil children threatening mankind's very existence. This TP collects issues 6-10 of the critically-acclaimed series, and the original short story from the AFTERSHOCK GENESIS one-shot. Look for it in the Comics & Graphic Novels section of the February PREVIEWS!

Z Nation #1

Ok, zombies have been around since black and white films. True. They even learned to break dance in Michael Jackson's Thriller video. Also true. And The Walking Dead is the last TV show to feature zombes, putting the final nail in an undead coffin for the manglers of men that won't die unless you bash their brains in with a hammer. False! The greedy ghouls for guts are now the stars for Syfy's #1 scripted hit zombie series Z Nation, and a comic adaptation is now yours to read by moonlight from Dynamite Entertainment! Writers Craig Engler and Fred Van Lente along with artist Edu Menna give us a prequel that's a new six-issue mini-series featuring Z Nation's signature blend of horror, humor and heart. Now you, too, can join the hunt for Soylent Z from Galveston, Texas in this new series with multiple covers that's shambling along in the Comics & Graphic Novels section of the February PREVIEWS.

Ghoulsville Vac-Tastic Bloody Werewolf Plastic Mask

Let's say you're in the market for a home security system. You want to hook up with something that's going to make the burgulars think twice before they take a crowbar to your house rear window. Sure, you could spend tons of cash on one of those fancy alarm systems. You could do that. Or you could take a picture of yourself holding a sign while wearing this Ghoulsville Vac-Tastic Bloody Werewolf Plastic Mask (NOV168236), with the sign reading "Please break into my house. I haven't eaten since last night." Guaranteed the guy in the ski mask will think twice, and probably move onto the next house. So do yourself and your family a real service by picking up this awesome mask that's inspired by warm memories of costumes and playsuits of the 60's-70's. Created in the same spirit and material used for the much-loved vintage kid's masks of yesteryear! You'll find it in the Collectibles and Novelties section of the February PREVIEWS catalog!

And be back here next month for the next installment of PREVIEWS' ongoing editorial feature, The Horror! The Horror!

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