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Product Changes (01/31)



Astro City #42 (NOV160352, $3.99) now contains the story solicited for #43 featuring art by Matthew Clark.

Batgirl Vol. 1: Beyond Burnside TP (DEC160370, $16.99) has been increased to 152 pages.

Batman '66 Meets Wonder Woman '77 #2 (DEC160341, $3.99) the price has increased to $3.99.

The Flash #17 Variant Edition (DEC160278, $2.99) now features a cover by Yanick Paquette.

The Flintstones Vol. 1 TP (DEC160395, $16.99) has been increased to 168 pages.

The Kamandi Challenge #2 (DEC160339, $3.99) now features the Kenneth Rocafort cover solicited for the variant.

The Kamandi Challenge #2 Variant Edition (DEC160340, $3.99) now features the Neal Adams cover solicited for the main cover.

Suicide Squad #12 (DEC160311 / DEC160312, $2.99 ea.) now features art by John Romita Jr. & Richard Friend as well as the art team of Eddy Barrows and Eber Ferreira.

Suicide Squad #12 (DEC160311, $2.99) now features a cover by John Romita Jr.

Suicide Squad #12 Variant Edition (DEC160312, $2.99) now features a cover by Whilce Portacio.


Walter Simonson’s Thor: The Return of Beta Ray Bill Artist’s Edition HC (FEB170447, $125) was erroneously solicited as being 32 pages. The book will run 160 pages.

Velvet Deluxe Edition HC (JUL168252 / DEC160787, $49.99 ea.) will now run 416 pages, not 400 pages, with no change in price.


The Amazing Spider-Man #24 VariantCC (DEC160968, $3.99) will now have cover art byGabrielle Dell’Otto.

Deadpool the Duck #4 Variant (DEC161045, $3.99) will now have cover art byWill Robson.

Hulk #3 Variant (DEC160953, $3.99) will now have cover art byDan Mora.

Spider-Man: Homecoming Prelude #1 (JAN171005, $3.99) will now include a digital code.

The Totally Awesome Hulk #1.MU (Reg./Var.: JAN170921 / JAN170922, $4.99 ea.) will now have interior art by Ricardo Lopez-Ortiz in addition to Ty Templeton.

Captain America: Steve Rogers #13 (JAN170967 / JAN170968, $3.99 ea.) will now have interior art by Ted Brandt and Ro Stein, instead of Jesus Saiz.

Uncanny Avengers #21 (JAN170980, $3.99) will now have interior art by Kevin Libranda, instead of Pepe Larraz.

Great Lakes Avengers TP Vol. 1: Same Old Same Old (FEB170986) will now be 160 pages and $19.99, instead of 136 pages and $17.99.

Max Ride: Final Flight HC (DEC161087, $24.99) will now have 120 pages, instead of 136, with no content changes.


The February PREVIEWS solicitation for TwoMorrows Publishing’s Comic Book Creator #15 (FEB172032, $8.95) ran with incorrect cover art. The correct art is shown here.

Article Image ded6

• Comicmix’s Icarus GN (SEP161530, $15) was erroneously listed as measuring 11” x 14”. It will in fact measure 7” x 10”.


CORRECTION: The Noble Collections’ The Dark Knight Rises Batarang Replica (NOV169075, $49.95) was solicited with the wrong title. Its correct title is the Batman v Superman Batarang Replica.

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