Suit Up: Lay Down The Law With Luke Cage

Sweet Christmas! He's got his own TV show on Netflix, and he's still busting skulls in comic books. But now Luke Cage is also the subject of toys and T-shirts. Looks like it's time to Suit Up, and check out Luke Cage-themed books and merchandise in the multiple sections of the January PREVIEWS catalog. Check out the cool collectibles below, and make sure you turn in your order form wish list to your nearby comic shop retailer!

Power Man and Iron Fist #14

Before he was flexing his chest and working his charm on his TV show, Luke Cage was keeping the streets clean of scumbags as the ultimate hero for hire. He and his pal Danny Rand, aka Iron Fist, were two of the roughest toughest bad boys that fought on the side of the good guys. They started takin' it to the streets as far back as the 70s when wah-wah guitar pedals were all the rage. Today, they're back. And that's the fact, Jack. Know what we're sayin? If not, check out how Luke Cage and his buddy are gettin' ready to bring the thunder in the new "Street Magic" story arc that kicks off in Power Man and Iron Fist #14 (JAN171019), written by David Walker with art by Sanford Greene. Luke and Danny are handy in a fight, but how do you punch magic? They're going to find out, and you will, too, when you pick up the new issue that you'll find in the January 2017 issue of Marvel Previews!

Marvel Gallery Luke Cage Netflix TV Series PVC Diorama

Here's the mean machine himself as a Diamond Select Toys Release! And he looks just as ripped on this diorama as he does on TV! This is the modern made-over version of Luke that you see today in the popular Netflix television series, Luke Cage. Featuring the likeness of actor Mike Colter, this diorama places him atop a Harlem rooftop, fists clenched, ready to bring down the hammer on those who have no regard for life, or personal property. Luke's had enough, and he's ready to make someone street pizza if they don't stand down and call it a night. Sculpted by Rocco Tartamella, the Marvel Gallery Luke Cage Netflix TV Series PVC Diorama (JAN172647) is 10 inches tall and features detailed sculpting and paint applications. Look for it in the Diamond Select Toys section of the January 2017 issue of the PREVIEWS comic shop catalog!

POP Marvel Classic Luke Cage PREVIEWS Exclusive Vinyl Figure

Back in the day before it was fashionable for super heroes to wear hoodies, guys and gals wore spandex. It was tradition. Who was any hero or heroine to buck tradition? That's what made the world go round, and the bad guys go down. To not sport shiny colored outfits and spandex was akin to walking under a ladder, or letting a black cat cross your path. And Luke Cage was one cool cat that wasn't going the way of the alley cat. So good news, folks: the duds Luke sported back in the day are now recreated for all the fans out there with the POP Marvel Classic Luke Cage PREVIEWS Exclusive Vinyl Figure (JUL168817)! If you're looking to add some retro decor that harkens back to Luke's early days, then pick up this collectible listed in the January PREVIEWS catalog.


Luke Cage Genghis Connies PREVIEWS Exclusive Black T-Shirt

The people over at Mighty Fine thought you might want to get in front of commemorative gear for the new Luke Cage series, so they didn't waste any time in rolling out the Luke Cage Genghis Connies PREVIEWS Exclusive Black T-Shirt (SEP168681). Available in a variety of sizes, this T-shirt is perfect for Con season. What better apparel to sport when you're talking Netflix TV trivia while simultaneously going through those long boxes looking for silver age back issues of Power Man and Iron Fist? And who doesn't love Chinese food, anyway? Show you're a fan of Luke's universe in both comics and television with this shirt that you'll find in the January issue of the PREVIEWS comic shop catalog!


Marvel Luke Cage Sublimated Backpack

Here's how you show that you're a Marvel fan on a mission. More importantly, that you're on a mission to complete your runs of Luke Cage comics! You look the part! You show you're truly suited up with the Marvel Luke Cage Sublimated Backpack (SEP168799)! This is how you bring home the books you bargained and browsed for at the local shows and the comic cons. You went prepared. You went with a message, as you sported a backpack covered with graphics that feature your favorite hero for hire as he looked when he was on the covers of the old school Luke Cage: Hero for Hire comic books! This backpack may not have unbreakable skin, but it is big, and comes with a front zipper pouch. Essential so that you have plenty of room for all of your stuff wherever you go! Look for it in the January PREVIEWS catalog!

Thanks for joining us in January, and see you here next month for another installment of Suit Up

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