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Product Changes (11/08)



Dark Horse has released final cover art for Serenity: No Power in the ‘Verse #2 Jeanty Variant (SEP160024, $3.99). The art is shown here.

Article Image ad1b



The price of Catwoman Vol. 6: Final Jeopardy TP (OCT160300) has changed to $29.99.

The 1:50 Dark Knight III: Master Race #7 Variant Edition (OCT160262, $5.99) now features a cover by Howard Chaykin, not Walter Simonson.

• Suicide Squad #7 (SEP160282, $2.99) now features an Enchantress backup story. When a high ranking government official's home is transformed by a demon into the mouth of Hell, Amanda Waller sends Enchantress in to plug the hole. But the witch-demon that inhabits June Moone's body runs into an old friend, a monster from the deep who promises to free the Enchantress from Waller's clutches once and for all! 


• Beowulf HC (MR) (OCT160654, $29.99) now runs 200 pages, not 200 pages.

• Midnight of the Soul TP Vol. 1
(MR) (OCT160661, $14.99) will now run 136 pages, not 120 pages.


• Doctor Strange/Punisher Magic Bullets #1
Variant (OCT160924, $4.99) will now have cover art by Alex Maleev, and be retitled Doctor Strange/Punisher Magic Bullets #1 Maleev Variant.

• NOW! Hawkeye #1 ICX Variant (OCT160802, $3.99) will now have cover art by Mike McKone, and be retitledNOW! Hawkeye #1 McKone ICX Variant.

• Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #1 (Reg./Vars.: OCT160975 / OCT160976 / OCT160977 / OCT160978 / OCT160979 / OCT160980 / OCT160981, $4.99 ea.) will now have interior art by Salvador Larroca, in addition to Kev Walker.

• Uncanny Avengers #17 (OCT160885, $3.99) will now have a rating of T+, instead of T.

• Captain America: Sam Wilson #16 (OCT160878, $3.99) will now have interior art by Angel Unzueta Galarza, instead of Paul Renaud.

• NOW! Mighty Captain Marvel #0 (OCT160783 / OCT160784 / OCT160785 / OCT160786 / OCT160787D, $3.99 ea.) will now have interior art by Emilio Laiso, in addition to Ramon Rosanas.

• NOW! Star-Lord #1 Hip Hop Variant (OCT160832, $3.99) will now have cover art byBill Sienkiewicz, and be retitledNOW! Star-Lord #1 Sienkiewicz Hip Hop Variant.

Punisher MAX TP Complete Collection Vol. 4 (MR) (SEP161148, $39.99) will now have 552 pages, instead of 544 pages.


• Aftershock Comics has released updated cover art for Animosity #1 5th Ptg. (OCT161104, $3.99), which was originally Offered Again as a Fourth Printing. The art is shown below here.

Article Image 54ae


• Titan Books’ Cthulhu Casebooks MMPB: Sherlock Holmes and Shadwell Shadows (AUG161997), solicited as a softcover priced at $8.99, will in fact be a hardcover priced at $19.99.

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