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Michael Broussard Paints Vampire Hunter D

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Vampire Hunter D is one of Japan's greatest exports, having started as a series of over 30 novels (and counting) before becoming one of the first crossover anime hits followed by a sequel and a popular manga series.

Now, for the first time, D will appear in a western-style comic from publisher Stranger Comics. Painted by Michael Broussard (The Darkness, Artifacts) and written by Brandon Easton (Agent Carter, Thundercats) based on an unpublished story by Vampire Hunter D creator Hideyuki Kikuchi,  the tale — Message from Mars — shows D receiving a centuries-old message from a colonist on Mars who could see the future. She has foreseen not only the vampire takeover of the colony, but D's  eventual arrival to cleanse the planet and save her from her fate.

Broussard — who got his start under Mark Silverstri at Top Cow —left the industry for several years to perfect his painting skills while working in video game design. Vampire Hunter D, however, is his favorite property of all time, and the offer to bring it to life was enough to lure him back. With the first issue coming out in November, he took some time away from drawing to talk about it.

Vampire Hunter D #1 (SEP161905) is listed in the September PREVIEWS catalog.


Stranger Comics: Michael, this is your first comic in several years. How does your style differ now from what readers are used to?

Michael Broussard: I really feel like I've grown a lot as an artist and a story teller since leaving the comic book industry. For one thing, I don't use a pencil anymore. In video game design, you paint everything digitally. But it's not just my art style, it's also the way I handle visual narrative. It's more cinematic because I've had to start taking movement into account in my images. So people will see a very different side of my art with a little bit of familiarity.

Stranger Comics: What does Vampire Hunter D mean to you?

Michael Broussard: Well, it's my favorite property. For me, it embodies all of the greatest aspects of not just the vampire horror genre, which I love, but anime film in general, which I love even more!

Stranger Comics: This has to be pretty exciting then. What was the moment like when you got the call?

Michael Broussard: You have no idea. First of all, it was totally unexpected! Josh Cozine (the editor) called and said "Would you be interested in drawing Vampire Hunter D?" Before he could finish the sentence I was like, "Do you even have to ask?" We worked together at Top Cow, and he knew how much I loved it, so when he got the gig, I was his first call.

Stranger Comics: Now for the big question... what's up with Left Hand?

Michael Broussard: Left Hand...the comic relief! He has no filter, which helps balance the relationship between the two because D barely speaks. He's the quiet but deadly warrior, while Left Hand is the sidekick who never shuts up. He's always busy trying to talk D into or out of situations, but he's also D's secret weapon, and when things get bad, he's there to bail D out, too.

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