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Product Changes (04/26)



• Clean Room Vol. 1: Immaculate Conception TP (MAR160289, $14.99) has been increased to 160 pages.

• Sandman Mystery Theatre Book 1 TP (MAR160298, $29.99) has been increased to 328 pages.

• Superman/Wonder Woman #29 (MAR160216, $3.99) now features art by Jorge Jimenez.

• Titans Hunt #8 (MAR160210, $3.99) now features art by Paul Pelletier and Ray McCarthy.

• Second Printings of the first four chapters of "The Final Days of Superman" --Superman #51 (MAR168456, $3.99), Batman/Superman #31 (MAR168455, $3.99), Action Comics #51 (MAR168454, $3.99) and Superman/Wonder Woman #28 (MAR168453, $3.99) – will be printed with recolored versions of each issue’s original cover with "The Final Days of Superman"  trade dress and S-shield chapter numbers.

• Batman Beyond#13 was not included in the April PREVIEWS Order Form. It is available to order for $2.99 under item code FEB168675D. In this issue -- written by Dan Jurgens with art by Bernard Chang and cover by Philip Tan -- past and present overlap as Batman and Barbara Gordon attempt to unravel the secret of Rewire. It's no longer the same man behind the suit, so who is it? Meanwhile, we get a glimpse into the past as Terry McGinnis Batman conducts a search for a possibly resurrected Joker. What light can this parallel search from the past shine on the mystery of the present?


• Sex Criminals TP Vol. 3: Three the Hard Way
(MR) (OCT150608, $14.99) will now run 120 pages, not 128 pages, with no change in price.


• Civil War
II #0Noto Character VariantRCW2 (MAR160749, $4.99) will now be retitledCivil War II #0 Noto Kamala Variant RCW2.

• Contest of Champions #9 Variant (APR160990, $3.99) will have cover art by Mark Bagley, and will be retitledContest of Champions #9 Bagley Variant.

• Deadpool #13 (Reg./Vars.: APR160998 / APR160999 / APR161000 / APR161001 / APR161002 / APR161003 / APR161004, $9.99 ea.) will be written by Charles Soule and David Walker, in addition to Gerry Duggan.  The interior art will be by Elmo Bondoc, Paco Diaz, Jacopo Camagni and Guillermo Sanna, not Mike Hawthorne.

• Ms. Marvel #7 AOA Variant RCW2 (MAR160755, $3.99) will have cover art byPasqual Ferry, and will be retitledMs. Marvel #7 Ferry AOA Variant RCW2.

• Guardians of Infinity #8 (MAY160837, $4.99) will be written by Dan Abnett only, not Dan Abnett and Neil deGrasse Tyson.  The new solicit text is below:
The Conclusion of The Hermetikus Saga!
All three generations of the Guardians of the Galaxy, reunited and ready for action! It took two thousand years’ worth of Guardians of the Galaxy just to face Hermetikus; is there any hope of stopping him? The final trial approaches! If any Guardians survive, can they escape with their bodies and minds intact?

Black Knight TP: The Fall of Dane Whitman (MAR160938, $15.99) will have 128 pages, not 120 pages.

Civil War II #1Noto Character Variant (MAR160707, $5.99) will now be retitledCivil War II #1 Noto She-Hulk Variant.

Spider-Woman TP Vol. 1: Shifting Gears (MAR160931, $15.99) will now be retitledSpider-Woman TP Vol. 1: Baby Talk.


Action Lab Entertainment’s Vampblade TP Vol. 1 (Cvrs. A-C: MAR161004 / MAR161005 / MAR161006, $14.99) will now run 128 pages, not 96 pages, with no change in price.

Action Lab Entertainment’s Miraculous (#1 Cvrs. A-C: MAY160960 / MAY160961 / MAY160962; #2 Cvrs.  A-B: MAY160963 / MAY160964; #3 Cvrs.  A-B: MAY160965 / MAY160966; $3.99 ea.; FOC All 06/13/16) will now run 64 pages each, not 32 pages, with no change in price.

• BOOM! Entertainment’s Bee and Puppycat #12 (Reg./Sub.: MAR151099 / MAR151100, $3.99 ea.), #13 (Reg./Sub.: APR151258 / APR151259, $3.99 ea.), #14 (Reg./Sub.: MAY151160 / MAY151161, $3.99 ea.) #15 (JUN151146 / JUN151147, $3.99 ea.) and #16 (Reg./Sub.: JUL151150 / JUL151151, $3.99 ea.) have been cancelled.


Mallon Publishing has released final cover art for Doctor Who Diary 2017 (APR162234, $18.99), shown here.

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