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Product Changes (01/19)


Batman: Arkham Knight-Batgirl/Harley Quinn #1 (DEC150298, $3.99) now runs 40 pages and includes two stories: One starring Batgirl and Harley Quinn, plus a story starring Batgirl! In the 20-page Batgirl and Harley Quinn story, Barbara Gordon struggles with her role as Gotham City's newest masked avenger, while Arkham Asylum's Dr. Harleen Quinzel battles her own inner demons as her criminal career as Harley Quinn is just beginning. Written by Tim Seeley, with art by Matthew Clark, Wade von Grawbadger and Sean Parsons, this story appears in print for the first time here and includes appearances by Batman and The Joker. This issue now will include a 10-page story featuring the stunning origin of Batgirl in the Batman: Arkham universe! Written by Tim Seeley, with art by Matthew Clark and Wade von Grawbadger, this story was previously available in 2015 in a giveaway comic at conventions and digitally.

The Dark Knight Returns: The Last Crusade #1 (DEC150208D) will now be a Prestige Format special running 48 pages, echoing the page count and format of The Dark Knight Returns #1, at a decreased price of $6.99.

Earth 2: Society Vol. 1: Planetfall TP (DEC150321, $14.99) has been increased to 176 pages and now collects issues #1-#7 & the 8-page sneak peek from Convergence: Justice League #2.

Gotham Academy #15 (DEC150282, $2.99) now features art by Rafael Albuquerque, Eduardo Medeiros, Helen Mingjue Chen, Adam Archer & Zac Gorman.

Starfire #9 (DEC150245 / DEC150246, $2.99 ea.) now features art by Elsa Charretier.

Teen Titans Vol. 2: Rogue Targets TP (DEC150336, $16.99) has been increased to 192 pages and now collects issues #8-#13, Annual #1 & the 8-page sneak peek from Convergence: Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes #2.


All New X-Men #4 DeadpoolVariant (NOV150887, $3.99) will have cover art by Ron Lim.

All New X-Men #4 ClassicVariant (SEP158785, $3.99) will have cover art by June Brigman.

All New X-Men #4 Story Thus FarVariant (SEP158784, $3.99) will have cover art by Mark Bagley.

Old Man Logan #2Variant (DEC150850, $3.99) will have cover art by Giuseppe Camuncoli.

Secret Wars HC (AUG150873, $50) will now run 312 pages, and will now include Secret Wars (2015) #1-#9 and material from Free Comic Book Day 2015: Secret Wars #0.

Spider-Man/Deadpool #1 McGuinness 2nd Ptg. Variant (NOV158467, $3.99) will be 32 pages, not 56 pages, and will not include the special bonus issue of Vision #1, as the first printing did.

The Astonishing Ant-Man #5 (Reg./Var.: DEC150770 / DEC150771, $3.99 ea.) will have interior art by Ramon Rosanas, not Annapaola Martello.

Uncanny Inhumans #5 ClassicVariant (DEC150799, $3.99) will have cover art by Pat Broderick.

New Avengers #7 (DEC150757, $3.99) will have interior art by a TBD artist, not Gerardo Sandoval.

Doctor Strange #6 (Reg./Vars.: JAN160874 / JAN160875 / JAN160876.) will now be 40 pages and $4.99, not 32 pages and $3.99.

The Amazing Spider-Man #9 ClassicVariant (JAN160836, $3.99) will have cover art by Bob McLeod.

Starbrand and Nightmask #4 (JAN160878, $3.99) & #5 (FEB160884, $3.99) have switched covers. Art for both is shown here.

Article Image 5ea4 Article Image d9ca
#4 #5

Howard the Duck TP Vol. 2 Complete Collection (DEC150900, $34.99) will be Rated T+, not T.

• Due to a production error. Daredevil #3 Garney Design Variant (NOV150852, $3.99) –- on sale January 27 -- bears a #1 on the cover. The indicia, UPC, cover art, and contents are those of issue #3.


• The title of BOOM! Entertainment’s Turncoat (#1: JAN161190, $3.99; #2: FEB161257, $3.99) has changed to Paknadel & Trakhanov’s Turncoat.

• Comicmix’s Jon Sable: Freelance Omnibus TP Vol. 3 (OCT151301, $59.95) will now run 654 pages, not 412.


• After the February PREVIEWS went to press, Random House Books for Young Readers updated the cover to Star Wars Little Golden Book: The Force Awakens (FEB162187, $4.99), shown here.

Article Image d7b3
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