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Product Changes (08/25)



Coffin Hill Vol. 3: Haunted Houses TP (JUN150319, $14.99) now collects issues #15-20 and runs 136 pages.

• The page count for the Convergence: Crisis TPs (Book 1: JUL150295, Book 2: JUL150297, $19.99 ea.) has been increased to 256.

Prez #4 (JUL150235, $2.99) now features art by Domo Stanton, Mark Morales and Sean Parsons.


Island #3 (MR) (JUL150591, $7.99) will now run 104 pages, not 112 pages.

No Mercy TP Vol. 1 (JUL150593, $9.99) will now run 128 pages, not 120 pages.

• The cover of Sex Criminals #11 Second Printing (JUL158177, $3.50) features a faceless Fraction and Zdarsky, allowing readers to fill in with their own sketches and post photos of their finished creations on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag, #BrimperSketch. Fraction & Zdarsky will then sift through the photos submitted with the #BrimperSketch hashtag and choose one winner (U.S. & Canada only). The winner will be announced on the Image Comics website on Wednesday, September 23 (formerly announced as September 16). The lucky winning participant will receive: one (1) signed The Wicked & The Divine #2 Zdarsky variant where Zdarsky himself has eaten the portion of the cover with McKelvie's face in order to gain his youthful powers; one (1) signed copy of Just the Tips where Zdarsky has drawn a penis tip on every single page; one copy of Big Hard Sex Criminals signed by Fraction and with a personalized, handwritten erotic fan fiction story incorporating Chip Zdarsky and a character of the winner's choosing.

Article Image 034f


Spider-Verse #5 Variant SWA (JUL150736, $3.99) will have cover art by Jamal Campbell, and will be retitled Spider-Verse #5 Campbell Variant SWA.

1872 #3 Variant SWA (JUN150786, $3.99) will have cover art by Francesco Francavilla, and will be retitled 1872 #3 Francavilla Variant SWA.

Greenberg the Vampire TP (MR) (JUL150846, $15.99) will be rated Explicit Content, not Mature.

Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man Ultimate Collection TP Book 2 (JUL150842, $34.99) will be 384 pages to fit content, not 376 pages.


Archie Comic Publications has released updates to the following titles, with updated cover art:

Article Image 8f44 World of Archie Comics
Double Digest #52
(JUN150959, $4.99)

New Creators: (W) Alex Simmons (A) Pat and Tim Kennedy (CA) Dan Parent, Rich Koslowski, Rosario “Tito” Peña

New Contents: Archie, Betty, Jughead and Ethel are excited for another fun Halloween bash that Veronica’s throwing—and this time, she’s pulled out all the stops to make it a memorable one! From a secret location with creepy dolls and clowns, the gang is sure to be frightened… just one question: where is the woman of the hour? And why do those dolls seem to be following them wherever they go? Find out in the frightfully fun “Scary, Scary Doooo,” the brand new lead story to this comics double digest!

Article Image 6c9b World of Archie Christmas Annual #53 (solicited as World of Archie Comics Double Digest #53) (JUL150975, $5.99)

Updated Page Count: 192

New Creators: (W) J. Torres  (A) Fernando Ruiz  (CA) Dan Parent, Rich Koslowski, Rosario “Tito” Peña
“Santa” is making his first-ever visit to the Riverdale Mall, and he’s not sure what to expect from the little kids of Riverdale. They all seem cute and innocent enough, but what they have on their gift lists might turn the big man in red’s hair even whiter! Find out if this mall Santa has what it takes to fulfill the wishes of Little Archie and his friends in “All I Want for Christmas is You!” the holly jolly new lead story to this Christmas Annual!

Article Image 0508 World of Archie Comics Double Digest #54 (AUG151076, $4.99)

New Creators: (W)  Angelo DeCesare (A) Pat and Tim Kennedy (CA) Fernando Ruiz, Bob Smith, Rosario “Tito” Peña

Archie, desperate for money to buy Christmas gifts, decides to lower himself in the worst possible way for a little Christmas cash: he’s going to rent himself out to his friends—at least, they were his friends, until they decide to take advantage of Archie's situation by making him to do all the holiday chores they don't want to! Will they remember the true meaning of the holiday before it’s too late? Find out in “All Worked Up!” the fun, festive new lead story to this comics double digest!

• TwoMorrows Publishing’s Jack Kirby Collector #50 Kirby Five Oh New Printing (MAR151563, $24.95), solicited at a size of 10” x 14”, will now measure 9” x 11”.


DK Publishing has released the final cover and minifigure image for the LEGO: I Love That Minifigure HC (AUG151976, $18.99), shown here.

Article Image 299d Article Image 2c83

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