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Product Changes (11/25)



Winterworld #6 Blank Subscription Variant (OCT140529, $3.99) was erroneously solicited as a Blank Subscription Variant. In fact, the variant will contain a cover image by Tomas Giorello, shown here.

Article Image 33d6


All New X-Men Annual #1 (Reg./Var.: OCT140893 / OCT140894, $4.99 ea.) will be Rated T+, not T.

Avengers and X-Men: AXIS #9Inversion Variant (OCT140789, $4.99) will have cover art by Adam Hughes and will be retitled Avengers and X-Men: AXIS #9 Hughes Inversion Variant.

• Avengers: No More Bullying #1 (Reg./Var.: NOV140749 / NOV140750, $1.99) will have interior art by Johanna Tana & Gustavo Duarte.

Cataclysm: The Ultimates’ Last Stand TP (NOV140879, $39.99) will now contain Cataclysm: The Ultimate’s Last Stand #1-#5, Cataclysm: Ultimate Spider-Man #1-#3, Cataclysm: Ultimate X-Men #1-#3, Cataclysm: Ultimates #1-#3, Hunger #1-#4, Cataclysm 0.1 and Survive #1.

Death of Wolverine: The Weapon X Program #5 (NOV140834, $3.99) will have interior art by Angel Unzueta, not Salvador Larroca.

• Miracleman #14 Pichelli Variant (MR) (NOV140828, $4.99) will have cover art by Brandon Peterson, and will be retitled Miracleman #14 Peterson Variant (MR).

Spider-Verse #2 (NOV140762, $4.99) will be written by Enrique Gonzalez Puig in addition to Jed MacKay.

• The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #1 (Reg./Vars.: NOV140732 / NOV140733 / NOV140734 / NOV140735, $3.99ea.) , #2 (Reg./Vars.: DEC140883 / DEC140884, $3.99 ea.; FOC  01/12/15) and subsequent issues will be Rated T, not T+.

• Darth Vader#1 (Reg./Vars.: DEC140792 / DEC140793 / DEC140794 / DEC140795 / DEC140796 / DEC140797 / DEC140798 / DEC140799 / DEC140800 / DEC140801 / DEC140802, $4.99 ea.) & #2 (Reg./Vars.: DEC140803 / DEC140804 / DEC140805, $3.99 ea.) were incorrectly solicited as part of a six-issue mini-series in the December PREVIEWS Order Form.  Darth Vader is actually an ongoing series:

Avengers: Revelations TP (OCT140939, $15.99) will be 136 pages, not 128 pages, with no content change.

Secret Wars Prose Novel HC (OCT140924, $24.99) will be retitled Marvel Super Heroes:Secret Wars Prose Novel HC.  Also, the novel will be 328 pages, not 304 pages.

Deathlok #1 2nd Ptg. Perkins Variant (SEP148353, $3.99) has been cancelled and will not be resolicited.


• Danger Zone has announced cover artist changes to Zombie Tramp Ongoing #5:

  • Dennis Budd has been added to the line-up of artists solicited for the Main Cover (SEP140964, $3.99);
  • TMChu and Dan Mendoza will replace Dennis Budd as artists for the Variant Cover (SEP140965, $4.99); and
  • Dennis Budd and Dan Mendoza have been added to the line-up of cover artists for the Risque Variant (SEP140966, $4.99).


Threezero’s Mass Effect: Commander Shepard 1/6 Scale Figure (DEC142447) was erroneously listed in the December PREVIEWS with an SRP of $190. The figure’s correct SRP is $220.

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