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Product Changes (07/15)



DC has announced the artists for the Selfie Variants solicited in June:


Item Code/Price

Cover Artist

Action Comics #34

JUN140204, $3.99

Gary Frank

Detective Comics #34

JUN140222, $3.99

Tommy Lee Edwards

Earth 2 #26

JUN140189, $2.99

Kevin Maguire

Grayson #2

JUN140174, $2.99

Andrew Robinson

Green Lantern #34

JUN140239, $2.99

Craig Rousseau

Batgirl #34

JUN140226, $2.99

Dave Johnson

Batman #34

JUN140216, $3.99

Ryan Sook

Green Lantern Corps #34

JUN140242, $2.99

Mike McKone

Harley Quinn #9

JUN140229, $2.99

Amanda Conner

Justice League United #4

JUN140156, $3.99

Emanuela Lupacchino

Superman/Wonder Woman #11

JUN140194, $3.99

Tony S. Daniel

Batman and Robin #34

JUN140220, $2.99

Phil Noto

Teen Titans #2

JUN140179, $2.99

Ben Caldwell

Wonder Woman #34

JUN140192, $2.99

Terry Dodson and Rachel Dodson

Aquaman #34

JUN140171, $2.99

Dan Panosian

Batman ‘66 #14

JUN140252, $2.99

Joe Quinones

Catwoman #34

JUN140234, $2.99

Stephane Roux

Justice League Dark #34

JUN140165, $3.99

Kyle Baker

Superman #34

JUN140199, $3.99

Neil Edwards and Danny Miki

The Flash #34

JUN140167, $2.99

Eddy Barrows and Eber Ferreira

Batman/Superman #14

JUN140212, $3.99

Paulo Siqueira

Additionally, Justice League #34 will be resolicited in the August PREVIEWS for October on sale, including the Selfie Variant Edition by Dale Eaglesham. All current orders are cancelled.


The Superior Foes of Spider-Man #14 (APR140678, $3.99) will have pencils by Richard Ellis, in addition to Steve Lieber.

• Death of Wolverine #2 Variant (APR148360, $4.99) will have cover art by Leinil Yu, and will be retitled Death of Wolverine #2 Yu Variant.
• Deadpool #33 SIN (Reg./Var.: JUN140617 / JUN140618, $3.99) will be written by Brian Posehn, in addition to Gerry Duggan.

• Mighty Avengers #13 (JUN140636, $3.99) will have pencils by Salvador Larroca, not Greg Land.

Wolverine #9 2nd Ptg. Davis Variant (MAY148189, $3.99) will now have cover art by Steve McNiven and be retitled Wolverine #9 2nd Ptg. McNiven Variant.

Wolverine TP Volume 1: Mortal (APR140775, $24.99) has been retitled Wolverine TP Book 1: Three Months to Die.

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