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Product Changes (06/10)



DC has revealed the cover artists for the Batman 75 Variant Covers of the following titles:

Batman 75 Variant Cover for

Cover Art by

Action Comics #33 (MAY140221, $3.99)

Kevin Nowlan

Aquaman #33 (MAY140187, $2.99)

Graham Nolan

Batgirl #33 (MAY140250, $2.99)

Cliff Chiang

Batman #33 (MAY140231, $4.99)

Bryan Hitch

Batman and Robin #33 (MAY140239, $2.99)

Michael Wm. Kaluta

Batman/Superman #13 (MAY140235, $3.99)

Dan Jurgens and Danny Miki

Batwoman #33 (MAY140252, $2.99)

Klaus Janson

Detective Comics #33 (MAY140241, $3.99)

Jim Steranko

Earth 2 #25 (MAY140205, $3.99)

Walter Simonson

Grayson #1 (MAY140157, $2.99)


Green Lantern #33 (MAY140259, $2.99)

Ethan Van Sciver

Green Lantern Corps #33 (MAY140262, $2.99)

Sean Chen

Harley Quinn #8 (MAY140246, $2.99)

Dave Johnson

Justice League #33 (MAY140178, $3.99)

Darwyn Cooke

Justice League Dark #33 (MAY140191, $3.99)

Kelley Jones

Justice League United #3 (MAY140170, $3.99)

Mario Alberti

Superman #33 (MAY140207, $3.99)

Erik Larsen

Superman/Wonder Woman #10 (MAY140217, $3.99)

Karl Kersch

Teen Titans #1 (MAY140165, $2.99)

Joe Quiñones

The Flash #33 (MAY140195, $2.99)

Kim Jung Gi

Wonder Woman #33 (MAY140201, $2.99)

Joshua Middleton


• 100th Anniversary Special #1 Fantastic Four Variant (MAY140820, $3.99) will have cover art by Alexander Lozano, and will be retitled100th Anniversary Special #1 Fantastic FourLozano Variant.

• Avengers #32 GOTG Variant SIN (MAY140785, $3.99) will have cover art byStephanie Hans, and will be retitled Avengers #32 GOTG Hans Variant SIN.

• Magneto #6 GOTG Variant (MAY140903, $3.99) will have cover art by PasqualFerry, and will be retitled Magneto #6 GOTG Ferry Variant.

• Thor: God of Thunder #24 GOTG Variant (MAY140874, $3.99) will have cover art byPascal Campion, and will be retitledThor: God of Thunder #24 GOTG Campion Variant.

• 100th Anniversary Special #1 Spider-Man Variant (MAY140814, $3.99) will have cover art by Alexander Lozano, and will be retitled100th Anniversary Special #1 Spider-Man Lozano Variant.

• The Amazing Spider-Man #1.3 (MAY140835, $3.99) and #1.4 (JUN140645, $3.99) will switch covers. The correctly labeled covers are shown here.

Article Image acaa Article Image 1097
#1.3 #1.4

• 100th Anniversary Special #1 X-Men (MAY140815, $3.99) will have interior art byJason Masters, and cover art by Jason Latour.

• Death of Wolverine #1 Variant (JUN140596, $4.99) will have cover art by Pasqual Ferry, and will be retitled Death of Wolverine #1 Ferry Variant.


Devils Due Entertainment’s Tales of Mr. Rhee: Karmageddon #1 (JUN141155, $1.99), solicited as a black-&-white title, will, in fact, be published in full color.

• Action Lab Entertainment’s Zombie Tramp Ongoing #1 Variants (Jerry Gaylord: MAY140976, Josh Howard: MAY140977; $4.99 ea.), solicited as being limited to 1,000 copies each, will now be limited to 1,500 copies each.


Due to a typographical error, the price for Koto’s Halo: Master Chief ARTFX Statue (JUN142290) was erroneously printed as being $109.99 in the June PREVIEWS. Its correct price, as listed in the June PREVIEWS Order Form, is $149.99.

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