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Product Changes (04/01)



• The PREVIEWS Order Form incorrectly described The X-Files: Conspiracy #2 Subscription Variant (JAN140445, $3.99) as having four glow-in-the-dark covers by Andrew Currie, shipping in an approximately even ratio. In fact, the Subscription Variant has only one cover image.


• The price of Mice Templar IV: Legend #9 (Cvrs. A/B: FEB140611 / FEB140612) has changed from $3.50 to $3.99.


• Daredevil #2 Captain America Team Up Variant ANMN (FEB148113, $3.99) will have cover art by Alex Maleev.

• Elektra #1 Manara Variant ANMN
(FEB140679, $3.99) has been cancelled and will not be resolicited.

In addition to Nick Bradshaw, Guardians of the Galaxy #14 (FEB140796, $4.99) will also have art by Gerardo Enrique Sandoval Perez & Phil Jimenez.

In addition to Piotr Kowalski, What If? Age of Ultron #4 (Reg./Var.: FEB140765 / FEB140766, $3.99 ea.) will also have art by Neil Edwards.

In addition to writer Dan Slott & artist Humberto Ramos, The Amazing Spider-Man #1 ANMN (Reg./Vars.: FEB140664 / FEB140665 / FEB140666 / FEB140667 / FEB140668 / FEB140669 / FEB140670 / FEB140671 / FEB140672, $5.99 ea.) will also have art by William Sliney & Giuseppe Camuncoli & Ramon Perez, and will also be written by Christopher Yost, Joe Caramagna, & Peter David.

In addition to Ming Doyle, What If? Age of Ultron #5 (Reg./Var.: FEB140767 / FEB140768, $3.99 ea.) will also have art by Raffaele Ienco, Ramon Villalobos, Neil Edwards and Mico Suayan.

• New Warriors #4
(MAR140717, $3.99) will have art by Ramon Perez, not Marcus To.

• Deadpool #29 SIN
(MAR140636, $3.99) will have a regular cover by Declan Shalvey, not Mark Brooks.

• Deadpool #29 Teaser Variant SIN
(MAR140637, $3.99) will have cover art by MarkBrooks, and will be retitledDeadpool #29 Brooks Teaser Variant SIN.

• Marvel Masterworks: Doctor Strange HC Vol. 1 New Ptg.
(APR140753, $49.99) will be 336 pages, not 328 pages.

• Marvel Masterworks: Not Brand Echh HC
(Reg./DM Var.: APR140755 / APR140756, $69.99 ea.) will be Rated All Ages, not Rated T.

• Thanos: Infinity Revelation OGN HC
(APR140765, $24.99) will include a digital code.

The cover solicited as the Regular Cover for Mighty Avengers #11 SIN (APR140646, $3.99) will now be the cover for Mighty Avengers #10 Teaser Variant SIN (MAR140635, $3.99). The cover to Mighty Avengers #11 will be by Francesco Francavilla. Cover art is shown here.

Article Image 05d6 Article Image e650
 Mighty Avengers #10
Teaser Variant
 Mighty Avengers #11

• Ms. Marvel #5 (APR140711, $2.99) will not have a digital code.


Solicited as shipping with two covers in a 50/50 ratio by artists Lucio Parillo and Joe Jusko, Dynamite Entertainment’s Warlord of Mars #35 (OCT131103, $3.99) will now ship with two covers in a 50/50 ratio by Parillo and Clint Langley. The Langley cover is shown here.

Article Image 44d3

Due to a typographical error, Machine Gun Bob Comics’ Chosin: Hold the LineGN (APR141271, $24.99) is listed in the April PREVIEWS as running 20 pages. In fact, the book runs 120 pages.


• Please note that the Game of Thrones Fleece (JAN142247, $32.99), solicited as measuring 16” x 30”, in fact measures 46” x 60”.

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