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Product Changes (12/24)



Batwoman Volume 4: This Blood is Thick TP (DEC130301) has been upgraded from a TP with a cover price of $14.99 to a hardcover with a cover price of $22.99. Because of this change, it will be made returnable at a later date. 


All New Invaders #1 Design Variant ANMN (NOV130554, $3.99) will have cover art by Steve Pugh and be retitled All New Invaders #1 Pugh Design Variant ANMN.

All New X-Men #22.NOW 50th Anniversary Poster Variant ANMN (NOV130560, $3.99) will have art by Stuart Immonen, and will be retitled All New X-Men #22.NOW 50th Anniversary Immonen Poster Variant ANMN.

Indestructible Hulk #18.INH (NOV130619, $3.99) will now have interior pages by Miguel Angel Sepulveda and Jheremy Raapack, not only by Sepulveda.

Revolutionary War: Knights of Pendragon #1 (Reg./Var.: NOV130646 /  NOV130647, $3.99 ea.) will now have interior art by William Sliney, not Simon Coleby. The Variant Cover will be by Neil Edwards, and has been retitled Revolutionary War: Knights of Pendragon #1 Edwards Variant.

Superior Spider-Man #26 (NOV130662, $3.99) will now have interior art by Humberto Ramos (11 pages), Javier Rodriguez (6 pages), and Marcos Martin (3 pages), not Pasqual Ferry.

Avengers #24.NOW by Ross Poster (DEC130794, $8.99) will now be called Avengers #25 by Ross 75th Anniversary Poster.

Loki: Agent of Asgard #1 ANMN (Reg./Vars.: DEC130663 /  DEC130664 /  DEC130665 /  DEC130666, $2.99 ea.) will now include a free digital copy.

Ms. Marvel #1 ANMN (DEC130623 /  DEC130624 /  DEC130625 /  DEC130626, $2.99 ea.) will now include a free digital copy.

New Avengers #14 (NOV130651, $3.99) and New Avengers #15 (DEC130723, $3.99) will switch covers. Art for both covers will be by Simone Bianchi.

She-Hulk #1 ANMN (Reg./Vars.: DEC130634 /  DEC130635 /  DEC130636 /  DEC130637 /  DEC130638 /  DEC130639, $2.99 ea.) will now include a free digital copy.

Miracleman #2 (Reg./Vars.: NOV130630 /  NOV130631 /  NOV130632 /  NOV130633 /  NOV130634, $4.99 ea.) will no longer include material from the Marvelman Primer (2010), and will now feature  the first appearance of Kid Marvelman from Marvelman #102 (July 30, 1955), story by Mick Anglo; art by Don Lawrence.

Captain Marvel #1 ANMN (Reg./Vars.: JAN140669 /  JAN140670 /  JAN140671 /  JAN140672, $3.99 ea.) is the first issue of an ongoing series, not a six-issue limited series, as incorrectly solicited.
Captain America TP: Living Legend (NOV130728, $15.99) will now run at 104 pages, not 96 pages.
Infinity HC (NOV130707, $75) will now run at 632 pages, not 608 pages.


• Please note that Amigo Comics’ Ghost Wolf #1 (JAN140842, $3.99), which was solicited with a Mature Readers (MR) designation in fact does not contain mature themes.

• Humanoids Publishing’s Metabarons Genesis: Castaka Deluxe HC (JAN141228, $49.95) will ship with a slipcase that was not mentioned in its solicitation.

• The cover artist for NBM’s WWE Ongoing #4 (JAN141284, $3.99) will be Joylon Yates, not Jaime Hernandez.

• The title of Amryl Entertainment’s Cavewoman: Killing Dinos 101 Special Nude Edition (OCT130817) has changed to Cavewoman: Labyrinth Massey Special Nude Edition.

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