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Product Changes (12/10)



DC has announced two new covers and the final contents for Detective Comics #27. In  addition to the previously announced Cover A by Greg Capullo (Reg.: NOV130175, $7.99; ComboPk.: NOV130179, $8.99) and Variant Covers by Chris Burnham (NOV130176), Jim Lee (NOV130177), and Jason Fabok (NOV130178), there will be a Cover B by FrankMiller (OCT138238) and a new Variant Cover by Tony S. Daniel (OCT138237) The 96-page issue will now feature new stories from Gregg Hurwitz & Neal Adams, Peter J. Tomasi & Ian Bertram, writer/artist Francesco Francavilla, Mike W. Barr & Guillem March, and Scott Snyder & Sean Murphy, as well as the launch of the main “Gothtopia” storyline by John Layman & Jason Fabok. This issue also includes pin-ups by artists Michael Allred, Patrick Gleason and Mick Gray, Jock and Graham Nolan


Avengers #25 75th Anniversary Variant ANMN (NOV130580, $3.99) and Sketch Variant (NOV130581, $3.99) will have cover art by Alex Ross, and will be retitled Avengers #25 75th Anniversary Ross Variant ANMN and Ross Sketch Variant.

Fantastic Four #16 (Reg./Var.: NOV130671 / NOV130672, $3.99 ea.) will now have interior art by Joe Quinones, not Raffaele Ienco.

Inhumanity: Spider-Man #1 (NOV130621, $3.99) will now have interior art byStephanie Hans, not Richard Elson.

Inhumanity: Medusa #1 (NOV130616, $3.99) will be retitled Inhumanity #2 and will be part two of Inhumanity #1 (OCT130637, $3.99). There will be no change in content, as Inhumanity: Medusa was always considered the next part of Inhumanity #1.

Winter Soldier: Bitter March #1 ANMN (Reg./Vars.: DEC130640 / DEC130641 / DEC130642, $3.99 ea.) will now be part of a five-issue mini-series, not an ongoing series.

Avengers Premiere HC Volume 4: Infinity (OCT130752, $24.99) will now run at 168 pages, not 152 pages. 


Two apparel items from Underboss Productions – the Doctor Who: Navy TARDIS All-Over Print(AOP) Lounge Pants and My Little Pony Multi-character Lounge Pants – were solicited in the November PREVIEWS with only Small sizes. Please note that additional sizes for both items are now available for preorder from your specialty retailer under the item codes listed below.

Article Image 4d63   Article Image 6c20 
Doctor Who:
All-Over Print (AOP)
Lounge Pants

Solicited in PREVIEWS:
(NOV131802, $22.99)

Now Available for Preorder:

(OCT138294 /OCT138295 /
OCT138296, $22.99 ea.)
  My Little Pony
Lounge Pants

Solicited in PREVIEWS:
(NOV131803, $22.99)

Now Available for Preorder:

(OCT138297 / OCT138298 /
OCT138299, $22.99 ea.)

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