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Product Changes (3/12)



In light of the death of Robin, Batman and Robin #19 and #20 will arrive in stores with adjusted titles. Batman and Robin #19 (FEB130150, $2.99) will arrive in stores with the title Batman and Red Robin. Batman and Robin #20 (MAR130200, $2.99) will arrive in stores with the title Batman and Red Hood. Upcoming issues will be listed as Batman and Batgirl #21, Batman and Catwoman #22, and Batman and Nightwing #23.

Due to a creative change, the short story originally solicited as part of the digital-to-print anthology series Adventures of Superman #1 (MAR130253, $3.99) by co-writers Orson Scott Card and Aaron Johnston and artist Chris Sprouse will be postponed until an upcoming issue when a new artist is assigned. The first issue of the series will still arrive in stores on May 29 with stories from writer Jeff Parker and artist Chris Samnee, writer/artist Jeff Lemire and writer Justin Jordan and artist Riley Rossmo.


• TMNT Works Volume 1
(FEB130338, $49.99) was erroneously listed in the February PREVIEWS Order Form as a TP. It is, in fact, a HC as solicited in PREVIEWS.


• Cable and X-Force TP Vol. 1: Wanted NOW
(FEB130625, $17.99) is now 144 pages, not 136 pages.

• Marvel Universe: Avengers - Earth’s Heroes Digest TP Vol. 3 (FEB130642D; $9.99) is now 88 pages, not 96 pages.

• Uncanny X-Men #4 NOW (Reg./Var.: FEB130545D / FEB130546, $3.99) will have artby Kris Anka.

• Uncanny Avengers NOW2 #7 (FEB130487, $3.99) & #8 (MAR130609, $3.99) will be switching covers, as shown here.

Article Image 794f Article Image 1f25
New #7 New #8

• Age of Ultron #7 (Reg./Vars.: MAR130600 / MAR130601 / MAR130602, $3.99) & #8 (Reg./Vars.: MAR130603 / MAR130604 / MAR130605, $3.99) each feature a Regular Cover and interior art by Brandon Peterson, not Peterson and Carlos Pacheco.

• All New X-Men Premiere HC Vol. 2: Here to Stay (MAR130722, $24.99) will have a free digital code.

• Iron Man: Coming of Melter #1 (Reg./Var.: MAR130678D / MAR130679, $3.99) will not have a free digital code.

• Thor, God of Thunder Premiere HC Vol. 1: God Butcher (MAR130725, $24.99) will have a free digital code.    

• Ultimate Comics X-Men by Brian Wood TP Vol. 1 (MAR130740, $19.99) will be 136 pages, not 112 pages.

• Avengers NOW #11 (MAR130611, $3.99) & #12 (Reg./Var.: MAR130612 / MAR130613, $3.99) are Rated T+, not Rated T.

• Avengers Assemble #15 AU NOW (MAR130607, $3.99) is a Marvel NOW! Book.

• Captain America Premiere HC Vol. 1: Castaway/Dimension Z (MAR130723, $24.99) will have a free digital code.

• Fantastic Four #8 NOW2 (MAR130655, $2.99) is Rated T+, not Rated T.

• Marvel Universe: Avengers -- Earths Heroes #14 (MAR130701, $2.99) is written by Joe Caramagna, not Chris Eliopoulos.    

• FF #7 NOW (MAR130653, $2.99) & #8 (MAR130654, $2.99) are Rated T+, not Rated T.

• X-Factor #256 (MAR130707, $2.99) will have a cover by Dave Williams, not David Yardin.

• Marvel Universe Ultimate Spider-Man #14 (MAR130700, $2.99) is $2.99 not $2.90, as incorrectly listed in Marvel Previews. The correct price is listed in the March PREVIEWS Order Form.

• Superior Spider-Man #10 NOW (MAR130617, $3.99) will have a free digital code.

• New Avengers #6 NOW (MAR130633, $3.99) is Rated T+, not Rated T.

• X-Men #1 50th Anniversary Variant NOW (FEB130496, $3.99) will have a cover byArthur Adams & Peter Steigerwald.

Squadron Supreme TP New Ptg. (FEB130644, $34.99) has a new page count of 368 pages, an increase from 352 pages.

Superior Spider-Man #7 Martin Variant NOW (JAN138184) has been cancelled. There are no plans to resolicit this variant.

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