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Product Changes (12/18)

• Django Unchained #1
(OCT120286 / OCT120287) & #2 (OCT120288) will arrive in stores as 40-page issues with a reduced cover price of $3.99 each.

• Django Unchained #4 (DEC120359) has been cancelled and will be resolicited in the January PREVIEWS. Please Note: The January resolicitation lists an incorrect page count and price. This issue will run 48 pages at a cover price of $4.99.

The cover artists for Joe Palooka #2 have changed. The Main Cover (NOV120417, $3.99) will be drawn by Chris Hunt, while the Incentive Cover (NOV120418) will be drawn by Marat Mychaels.

• The Infinite Vacation #5
(MAR11058D) now runs 64 pages and carries a cover price of $5.99.

• CORRECTION: The solicitations for Dias de las Muertas carry an incorrect title. The correct title of the limited series is Dia de los Muertos (#1: NOV120443; #2: JAN130581; $4.99 ea.)

Tom Judge: The Geometry of Hell One-shot (NOV120475) has been cancelled.

• All New X-Men #7
(Reg./50th Anniv. Var.: DEC120668 / DEC120669, $3.99 ea.) has interior art by David Marquez, not Stuart Immonen and David Marquez. Additionally, the cover to issue’s 50th Anniversary Variant will not be by Chris Bachalo, but by an artist to be announced in the future.

• Avengers #5 (Reg./Vars.: DEC120629 / DEC120630 / DEC120631, $3.99 ea.) and #6 (Reg./Var.: DEC120632D / DEC120633, $3.99 ea.) are rated T+, not T.

• New Avengers #3 (Reg./Var.: DEC120622 / DEC120623, $3.99 ea.) is rated T+, not T.

• Avengers Arena #4 (DEC120636 / DEC120637, $2.99 ea.) and #5 (DEC120638 / DEC120639, $2.99) are rated T+, not T.

• Fantastic Four #4 (DEC120650 / DEC120651, $2.99) is rated T+, not T.

• Uncanny X-Men #1 (DEC120608 / DEC120609 / DEC120610 / DEC120611 / DEC120612, $3.99 ea.) includes a free digital copy.

• Thunderbolts #5 (DEC120658, $2.99) has a cover by Christian Nauck, not Julian Totino Tedesco.

•  FF #4 (DEC120652 / DEC120653, $2.99 ea.) is rated T+, not T.

•  Ultimate Comics X-Men #23 (DEC120686, $3.99) has a cover by Greg Land, not Dave Johnson.

• Wolverine MAX #5 (MR) (DEC120721, $3.99) has interior art by Roland Boschi and Felix Ruiz, not Roland Boschi and Felix Ruvi.

X-Men: Fall of the Mutants TP Volume 1 (NOV120796, $24.99) is 432 pages, not 440, with no changes in content.

Avengers Assemble #9 2nd Ptg. Caselli Variant (OCT128307, $3.99) has been cancelled.

Journey Into Mystery #646 2nd Ptg. Dekal Variant (OCT128310, $2.99) has been cancelled.

MMW X-Men TP Volume 5 (SEP120681 / SEP120682) will be $24.99, not $29.99, with no changes in content.

Titan Books’ Dead Space: Liberation GN (DEC121231) was incorrectly solicited by the publisher as being a prequel to Dead Space 2 when it is, in fact, a prequel to Dead Space 3. Also, the price of the book has changed from $24.99 to $19.99.

• The Glenn Fabry Sketchbook (SC: NOV120941, $12.99; Ltd. Remarked Ed.: NOV120942, $75), solicited as measuring 7” x 10”, will now measure approximately 6.25” x 9.5”.

Please note that the following Doctor Who items were solicited in error in the December PREVIEWS, and are not available for order: Doctor Who TARDIS Tote Bag (DEC121735); Doctor Who Dalek Tote Bag (DEC121736); Doctor Who Logo Lanyard (DEC121738); Doctor Who TARDIS Lanyard (DEC121739); Doctor Who Geronimo Wristband (DEC121740); Doctor Who “Hello Sweetie” Wristband (DEC121741); and Doctor Who TARDIS Wristband (DEC121742).

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