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Product Changes (9/25)

Please note that Creepy Presents Richard Corben HC (MAR120047, $29.99) is intended for Mature Readers and now carries an (MR) designation.

• The Walking Dead #103 Chris Giarrusso Variant
(JUL128254, $2.99), solicited as being limited to 1,000 copies, will now be printed to order.

The rating of the following Marvel titles has changed from T to T+:

Amazing Spider-Man #697 (SEP120620, $3.99)
Avengers #33 (SEP120609, $3.99)
X-Men #38 (SEP120666, $3.99)
Fantastic Four #1 NOW (Reg./Vars.: SEP120586-92, $2.99 ea.)
New Avengers #33 (SEP120612, $3.99)
Wolverine and the X-Men #20 (SEP120659, $3.99)
X-Men Legacy #1 NOW (Reg./Vars.: SEP120580-83, $2.99 ea.)
Amazing Spider-Man #698 (Reg./Var.: SEP120621-22, $3.99 ea.)
Avengers #34 (Reg./Var.: SEP120610-11, $4.99 ea.)
Avengers by Brian Michael Bendis Prem. HC Vol. 4 (SEP120693, $24.99)
Fantastic Four by Jonathan Hickman Prem. HC Vol. 6 (SEP120691, $24.99)
Wolverine and the X-Men #21 (SEP120660, $3.99)
FF #1 NOW (Reg./Vars.: SEP120593-97, $2.99 ea.)
New Avengers #34 (Reg./Var.: SEP120613-14, $4.99 ea.)
X-Men Legacy #2 NOW (Reg./Var.: SEP120584-85, $2.99 ea.)

• Dark Avengers #182 (AUG120591, $2.99) will have cover art that was previouslysolicited for Dark Avengers #183. The artist for the new cover has not been announced at press time.

Marvel’s Iron Man 2 Adaptation #1 (SEP120645, $2.99) will have a plot by WillPilgrim and a script by Christos Gage. It will not be written by Pilgrim with a plot by Gage.

• Uncanny X-Force #33 (SEP120663, $3.99) & #34 (SEP120664, $3.99) have Free Digital Codes.

In addition to its rating change to T+ (noted above), X-Men #38 (SEP120666, $3.99) has several solicitation changes. The book will be written by Seth Peck & illustrated by Paul Azaceta, not written by Brian Wood & illustrated by David Lopez. Additionally, it will have new cover artfeaturing Daredevilthat was previously solicited for X-Men #39.

• Avengers Assemble #9 NOW (SEP120605-07, $3.99 ea.) has a Free Digital Code. In addition, there are two separate variants, one by Bobby Rubio, and another by Joe Quesada. They were previously solicited as one variant done by both artists.

• First X-Men #4 (Reg./Var.: SEP120670-71, $3.99 ea.) has a Free Digital Code.

In addition to their rating change to T+ (noted above), X-Men Legacy #1 NOW (Reg./Vars.: SEP120580-83) & #2 (Reg./Var.: SEP120584-85) do not have Free Digital Codes, and are priced at $2.99 each, not $3.99.

• X-Factor #247 (SEP120668, $2.99) will not have a cover by David Yardin.

• FF #1 Variant NOW (SEP120594, $2.99) will have a cover by Arthur Adams, and will be titled FF #1 Arthur Adams Variant NOW.

• Punisher War Zone #2 (SEP120640, $2.99) will have interior art by Carmine Di Giandomenico, not Marco Checchetto. 

• Dexter #2 (SEP120646, $3.99) will not have a cover by Alex Maleev.

Rebellion/2000 AD’s Judge Dredd Megazine #328 (JUL121201) is now a Movie Special and will have a new photo movie cover, shown here. The magazine’s price has also changed from $12.25 to $13.

Article Image b761

Please note that Fantagraphics Books’ Barack Hussein Obama HC (JUN121131, $22.99), Crackle ofthe Frost HC (APR121093, $19.99), Dal Tokyo HC (MAR121057, $35), Naked Cartoonists SC (APR121097, $22.99), and No Straight Lines: Queer Comics HC (FEB121037, $35) are intended forMature Readers. Each now carries an (MR) designation.

BOOM! Studios’ The Other Sides of Howard Cruse HC (MAR120883, $24.99), solicited as a Mature Readers title, in fact contains Adult Material and now carries an (A) designation.

Hasbro’s Transformers Prime Voyager Action Figures (SEP121750) will include Powerizers Optimus, Powerizers Starscream, Powerizers Ultra Magnus, and Powerizers Thundertron.

: The SRP of $14.99 price stated in the October PREVIEWS for the Balzac Atom-Age Vampire 400% Be@rbrick (OCT121790) is incorrect. It should carry a Please Inquire (PI) notation, as stated in the October PREVIEWS Customer Order Form.

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