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Product Changes (5/8)

• The Milo Manara 12” Statue (JUL110058, $149.99), originally solicited with international restrictions, is now available worldwide.

 Please note the following creator changes to these Marvel titles:


Item Code/Price

Solicited Artist

New Artist(s)

Spider-Men #1

APR120603, $3.99


Regular covers by Jim Cheung

Age of Apocalypse #4

Reg./Var.: APR120663 / APR120664, $2.99

 Roberto De La Torre

De La Torre & Renato Arlem

Avengers Academy #31

Reg./Var.: APR120582 / APR120583, $2.99

Timothy Green II

Tom Grummett.

Fantastic Four #607

Reg./Var.: APR120642 / APR120643, $2.99

Ron Garney

Giuseppe Camuncoli

Marvel Zombies: Destroy #3

APR120656, $3.99

Mirco Pierfederici

Al Barrionuevo

Secret Avengers #28
ASM In Motion Variant

APR120593, $3.99


Cover by Dale Keown; Secret Avengers #28
ASM In Motion Keown Variant.

Ultimate Comics X-Men #13

APR120602, $3.99

Carlo Barberi

Paco Medina

Uncanny X-Force #26

APR120669, $3.99

Mike McKone

Phil Noto

Avengers Academy #32

APR120584, $2.99

Tom Grummett

Timothy Green II

Daredevil #14

Reg./Vars.: APR120652 / APR120653 / APR120654, $2.99

Khoi Pham

Chris Samnee

Dark Avengers #176

APR120599, $2.99

Declan Shlvey

Kev Walker

X-Factor #238

Reg./Var.: APR120674, $2.99

Leonard Kirk

Paul Davidson

FF #19

Reg./Var.: APR120644 / APR120645, $2.99

Nick Dragotta

Gabriel Walta

Spider-Men #2

APR120606, $3.99


Regular covers by Jim Cheung

Wolverine and the X-Men #12

APR120591, $3.99

Nick Bradshaw

Chris Bachalo

Amazing Spider-Man #689
Lizard Campbell Variant

MAY120667, $3.99

J. Scott Campbell

Cover by Matthew Clark;
retitled Amazing Spider-Man #689
Lizard Clark Variant

Amazing Spider-Man #690
Lizard Clark Variant

MAY120669, $3.99

Matthew Clark

Shane Davis; retitled Amazing Spider-Man #690 Lizard Davis Variant

Starting with June 6 On-sale items, all 32-page Marvel Universe comics that do not carry a digital code will be printed with 50# Coated interiors and will be Self-Cover.

• Daredevil by Mark Waid Premiere HC Vol. 2
(APR120703, $19.99) will be 136 pages, not 144 pages.

• Ultimate Spider-Man: Great Power Digest TP
(APR120717, $9.99) will be retitled Marvel Universe: Ultimate Spider-Man: Great Power Screen Cap Digest.

• Invincible Iron Man Premiere HC Vol. 9: Demon
(APR120709, $19.99) will be 136 pages, not 144 pages.

• Spider-Man: Trouble on the Horizon Premiere HC
(APR120710, $19.99) will be 112 pages, not 120 pages.

• X-Factor #237
(Reg./Var.: APR120672 / APR120673, $2.99) will be rated T+, not Parental Advisory.

• Untold Tales of Punisher MAX #1
(APR120680, $4.99) was mistakenly listed as a one-shot. In fact, it is the first issue of a five-issue limited series.

• X-Factor #238
(Reg./Var.: APR120674, $2.99) will be rated T+, not Parental Advisory.

The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger - Battle of Tull TP (MAY120762, $19.99) will be canceled and resolicited at a later date.

Scarlet Spider #4 2nd Ptg. Stegman Variant (MAR128143, $2.99) is cancelled.

Ape Entertainment’s Heroic: The Hero Within #1 (MAY120826, $3.99) has been retitled Hero Within: I Am Heroic #1. The revised cover for the issue is shown here.

 Article Image

•Azure Press’ Ninjas vs. Zombies Bundle #1-#4 (JAN120905), solicited at $11.99, will now include issues #1-#4, a signed copy of #5, and a bonus copy of issue #6. Due to these additions, the price of the bundle has changed to $14.99.

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