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Product Changes (1/17)

T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents Vol. 2 #3 (NOV110180, $2.99) will ship as a 32-page self-covered comic on 60-pound paper.

• The following titles will no longer be polybagged. Instead, the digital copy code will appear on a sticker applied to page 32.
Avengers Assemble #1 w/Digital Code (JAN120638 / JAN120639 / JAN120640 / JAN120641, $3.99)
Ultimate Comics Ultimates #8 w/Digital Code (JAN120649, $3.99)
Ultimate Comics X-Men #9 w/Digital Code (JAN120650, $3.99)
Avenging Spider-Man #4 w/Digital Code (DEC110633, $3.99)
Ultimate Comics X-Men #7 w/Digital Code (DEC110627, $3.99)
Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #7 w/Digital Code (DEC110626, $3.99)
Ultimate Comics X-Men #8 w/Digital Code (DEC110629, $3.99)
Ultimate Comics Ultimates #7 w/Digital Code (DEC110630, $3.99)

John Carter: Gods of Mars #1 (JAN120655D) is $2.99, not $3.99.

Uncanny X-Men #7 (DEC110670, $3.99) & #8 (JAN120695, $3.99) will have their respective covers by Greg Land switched. The covers are shown here with their new designations.

Uncanny X-Men #7 Uncanny X-Men #8

• The following Marvel titles will be printed in a self-cover format recently used on Fantastic Four #601, where the paper stock of the cover and the interior are similar:
Amazing Spider-Man #679.1 (DEC110645, $2.99)
Avengers Academy #26 (DEC110603, $2.99)
Battle Scars #4 (DEC110594, $2.99)
Captain America and Bucky #627 (DEC110609, $2.99)
Daken: Dark Wolverine #21 (DEC110671, $2.99)
Deadpool #51 (DEC110679, $2.99)
Fantastic Four #603 (DEC110652, $2.99)
FF #15 (DEC110653, $2.99)
FF #15 Brigman Variant (DEC110654, $2.99)
Generation Hope #16 XREGB (DEC110683, $2.99)
Journey into Mystery #634 (DEC110606, $2.99)
New Mutants #38 XREGB (DEC110687, $2.99)
Scarlet Spider #2 (DEC110632, $3.99)
Spider-Man #23 (DEC110660, $2.99)
Super Heroes #23 (DEC110661, $2.99)
Twelve #10 (DEC110664, $2.99)
Thunderbolts #170 (DEC110659, $2.99)
X-Factor #232 XREGG (DEC110675, $2.99)
X-Men Legacy #262 (DEC110680, $2.99)

Punisher #8 (DEC110648, $2.99) will have cover art by Bryan Hitch, not Marco Checchetto as solicited. A previous product update incorrectly stated Hitch was also doing interiors. In fact, Checchetto will be supplying interior art. Please note that the FOC for the book has changed from January 9 to January 16.

Black Panther: The Most Dangerous Man Alive #529 (DEC110650, $2.99), solicited as being penciled by Shawn Martinbrough, will be penciled by Martinbrough and Jefte Palo.

Deadpool #50 (DEC110676, $3.99) has new solicitation text:
Could this be it? Has everyone’s favorite Merc with a Mouth finally made an appointment with Lady Death? This February, witness the biggest change in Deadpool’s life as “DEAD” kicks off in Deadpool #50! From the creative team of Daniel Way & Carlo Barberi, Deadpool’s lease on life is about to expire and those around him are going to feel the consequences including X-Force! Following the epic battle with his former body parts gone rogue, Wade Wilson makes a monumental decision that will forever change who he is. See how it all goes down this February, in Deadpool #50!

Ultimate Comics Ultimates by Hickman Premiere HC Volume 1 (DEC110728, $24.99) will be 136 pages, not 144 pages.

X-Men/FF Premiere HC (DEC110730, $19.99) will be 112 pages, not 120 pages.

Ender’s Shadow Ultimate Collection TP (NOV110655, $29.99) will be 248 pages, not 256 pages.

Superior Premiere HC (NOV110666, $24.99) will be 200 pages, not 192 pages.

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