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Product Changes (12/6)

The price for Brody’s Ghost One-Shot (OCT110052) has changed from $3.50 to $3.99.

Brilliant, previously updated as a five-issue limited series, will now be an ongoing title.

Defenders #3: I Am an Avenger Variant (DEC110597, $3.99) will now be titled Defenders #3: I Am a Defender Variant.
The cover solicited for Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #5 (OCT110620, $3.99) is now the cover for Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #7 with Digital Code (DEC110626, $3.99). The correct covers for #5 and #7 are shown here.

No caption. No caption.
#5 #7

Amazing Spider-Man #680 (DEC110646, $3.99) will be written by Chris Yost, along with Dan Slott.

 The following cover artists have been announced for these Marvel titles:


Item Code(s)/Price

Cover Artist

Captain America #7 Venom Variant

NOV110481, $3.99

Mike Perkins

Defenders #2 Venom Variant

NOV110488, $3.99

Chris Stevens

Secret Avengers #21

NOV110497, $3.99

Khoi Pham

Venom #12

NOV110533, $2.99

Mike Del Mundo

Alpha Flight #8

NOV110536, $2.99

 Carlo Pagulayan (previously Dale Eaglesham)

FF #14 Venom Variant

NOV110543, $2.99

Michael Ryan

Fantastic Four #602 Venom Variant

NOV110545, $2.99

 Kalman Andrasofszky

Wolverine and the X-Men #4 Venom Variant  XREGG

NOV110561, $3.99

Mark Brooks

X-Men #23 Venom Variant XREGB

NOV110571, $3.99

John Tyler Christopher

X-23 #20

NOV110574, $2.99

 Kalman Andrasofszky

Generation Hope #15 XREGB

NOV110585, $2.99

 Jorge Molina

 The page counts have changed as follows for these Marvel  titles:


Item Code(s)/Price

Original Page Ct.

New Page Ct.

Avengers Annual #1

NOV110507, $4.99


40 (ad pages removed)

Fear Itself: Journey into Mystery Premiere HC

NOV110614, $19.99



Ghost Rider: Official Index to the Marvel Universe GN TP

NOV110620, $19.99



X-23 Premiere HC Vol. 2: Chaos Theory

NOV110624, $19.99



Ultimate Comics Ultimates #6 (NOV110518, $3.99) will have art by Brandon Peterson along with Esad Ribic.
Black Panther: The Most Dangerous Man Alive #528 (NOV110538, $2.99) will have art by Michael Oeming, not Shawn Martinbrough.
Wolverine #300 (Reg.: NOV110566, $4.99; Vars.: NOV110567 / NOV110568, $4.99; Blank Var.: NOV110569, $3.15) will have art by Steven Sanders and Ron Garney, along with Adam Kubert.

Ender’s Shadow Ultimate Collection TP (NOV110655, $29.99) has a new cover, shown here.

No caption.

Uncanny X-Men #3 XREGB (OCT110671, $3.99) will have art by Paco Diaz and Rodney Buchemi, in addition to Carlos Pacheco.
Nemesis TP (MR) (MAY110711, $14.99) is cancelled and will be resolicited at a later date.

• Archie Comic Publications has released an updated cover for Life with Archie #16 (OCT110815, $3.99), shown here.

No caption.

• BOOM! Studios’ Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas (OCT110938, $3.99) has been retitled Ice Age: Iced In One-shot.

• NECA’s Rocky 7” Action Figures Series 1 (NOV111522), originally composed of two different figures (Rocky & Apollo Creed) will now ship with two additional battle-damaged versions of each figure.

Funko’s Star Wars Mini Wacky Wobblers (DEC111974-79) have been cancelled and will be resolicited in the January PREVIEWS.

The title of Margaret Weis Productions’ Marvel Heroes RPG Basic Game (DEC112061, $19.99) has changed to Marvel Heroic RPG Basic Game.

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