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Product Changes (8/23)

• Sergio Aragonés will not be a contributor to Dark Horse Presents #4 (JUL110034, $7.99). Instead, the issue will now feature a brand new Age of Reptiles standalone story by Ricardo Delgado and Jim Campbell.

• Batman: Odyssey Vol. 2 #1
(Reg.: AUG110192; Var.: AUG110193), solicited at 32 pages for $2.99, will now run 40 pages with a cover price of $3.99.

The price of the Wally Wood’s EC Stories Artist Edition HC (AUG110352) have changed. Originally solicited at an SRP of $95, the book is now priced at an SRP of $125.

• Image has changed the rating of the Lovestruck GN (JUL110453, $16.99) from T+ to Mature Readers.

The following titles will now be Rated T, not Rated A:
Doctor Strange TP: Strange Tales (AUG110716, $29.99)
New Warriors Classic TP Vol. 3 (AUG110724, $24.99)
Spider-Man: Complete Ben Reilly Epic TP Book 2 (AUG110729, $39.99)
Spider-Man: Deadly Foes of Spider-Man TP (AUG110728, $24.99)
Venom TP: Lethal Protector — New Ptg. (AUG110725, $16.99)

• Incredible Hulk #1 Variant (AUG110587, $3.99) has been canceled.   
• In addition to Sebastian Fiumara, Spider-Island: Deadly Hands of Kung Fu SPI #2 (JUL110626, $2.99) & #3 (AUG110600, $2.99) will now have pencils by Leandro Fernandez.

• Wolverine and the X-Men #1 XREGG (Reg.: AUG110653, Vars.: AUG110654, AUG110655, AUG110656, FOC 10/03/11) will be 40 pages and $3.99, not 48 pages and $4.99.
• Ultimate Comics Spider-Man DOSM Premiere HC (Quesada Cvr.: AUG110700, McNiven Cvr.: AUG110701, $24.99 ea.) will be 128 pages, not 120 pages.

• PunisherMAX Premiere HC: Frank (AUG110705, $19.99) will be 112 pages, not 120 pages.
• X-Factor: Hard Labor Premiere HC (AUG110708, $19.99) will be 112 pages, not 120 pages.
• Wolverine: Wolverine’s Revenge Premiere HC (AUG110709, $24.99) will be 168 pages and collect Wolverine (2010) #10-#16, not 120 pages with Wolverine (2010) #10-#14.
 • 15 Love GN TP (AUG110712, $14.99) will be Rated T, not Rated T+.
• Fantastic Four by Jonathan Hickman TP Vol. 4 (AUG110719, FOC 09/12/11) will be $19.99, not $15.99.
Fantastic Four by John Byrne Omnibus HC Vol. 1 (Reg.: JUN110717, Var.: JUN110718; $125) will be 1,096 pages, not 1,084 pages.  Also, the book’s revised contents include:  Marvel Team-Up (1972) #61-#62; Marvel Two-in-One #50; Fantastic Four (1961) #209-#218, #220-#221, #232-#260, Annual #17; Avengers (1963) #233; and Thing (1983) #2. 

• Due to a printing & shipping error, Action Lab Entertainment’s Fracture #2 (JUN110790, $3.99) shipped before Fracture #1 (MAY110783, $3.99). As a result, Fracture #2 will arrive in stores on August 24, while Fracture #1 will arrive on September 7.

Although not stated in their solicitations, please note that the Doctor Who Talking Plushes (Red Dalek: AUG111870U, Blue Dalek: AUG111871, $27.99 ea.; TARDIS Talking Plush w/Light: AUG111872, $24.99) are 9” tall.

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