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Product Changes (8/2)


• Due to an error on Diamond’s part, qualifying retailers will not receive their free incentive copies of Severed #1 (JUN110488D) when the title ships this week. Orders for the free copies will be filled in the coming weeks as stock becomes available. Diamond regrets any inconvenience created by the error.

• In addition to Max Fiumara, Spider-Island: I Love New York City #1 SPI (JUL110628) will also have pencils by Chuck BB, and will run 40 pages at a price of $3.99, not the solicited 32 pages at $2.99.
New Avengers Annual #1 (Reg.: JUL110630, Vars.: JUL110631/ JUL110632, $4.99 ea.) will be rated T, not T+.
Annihilators: Earthfall #1 (Reg.: JUL110669D, Var.: JUL110670, $3.99) will be 32 pages (with 25 editorial pages), not 40 pages.
Castle Premiere HC: Richard Castle’s Deadly Storm (JUL110726, $19.99) will be Rated 13 & Up, not T+.

The issue number of Bongo Comics’ Simpsons Classics (AUG110884, $3.99) was listed incorrectly in PREVIEWS and the August PREVIEWS Order Form. It is issue #30, not issue #29.

Little Shoppe of Horrors #27 (AUG111361, $8.95) will now contain an interview with director Roman Polanski on the making of Dance of the Vampires, a.k.a. The Fearless Vampire Killers. The issue will also contain a feature article on Fearless Vampire Killers star Sharon Tate, created with the assistance of the late actress’s family, and an image of Tate by Hollywood artist/painter Jim Salvation on the back cover, shown here.

No caption.

• Due to a change in the production schedule, DeAgostini UK has announced changes to the issue numbering and/or vehicle line-up for several issues of Star Wars: The Official Starship & Vehicles Collection Magazine. Issue numbers and/or vehicles that have changed are shown in boldface in the table below, which is organized by issue numbers as originally solicited.

Item Code

Solicited Issue Number/Vehicle

New Issue Number/Vehicle


#68 Catamaran

#68 Landing Ship


#69 Sebulba’s Podracer

#69 AT PT Transport


#70 Landing Ship

#78 Catamaran


#71 AT PT Transport

#79 Sebulba’s Podracer


#72 Anakin’s Podracer

#80 Anakin’s Podracer


#73 Commerce Guild Support Ship

#77 Commerce Guild Support Ship


#74 UT-AT

#75 UT-AT


#75 Dooku’s Solar Sailer

#71 Dooku’s Solar Sailer


#76 Neimoidian Shuttle

#70 Neimoidian Shuttle


#77 AT-OT

#72 AT-OT


#78 Home One

#73 Home One


#79 Techno Union Ship

#76 Techno Union Ship


#80 Ewok Hang Glider

#74 Ewok Hang Glider

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