Product Changes (5/17)

Artist Dustin Nguyen is illustrating the new Variant Cover to Batman: Gates of Gotham #3 (MAY110206, $2.99). Please consult your retailer for availability.

• The creative team and contents have changed for Green Arrow #13 (APR110179, $2.99), which will now be written by James Patrick with art by Augustin Padilla and feature a cover by Joshua Middleton. In this issue, now the first chapter of a three-issue story, Green Arrow needs a break from the forest, so he agrees to help Federal Marshals escort a very dangerous criminal out of Star City. But if he thinks it’s going to be easy, he probably should have stayed in the woods.

• Artist J.G. Jones is illustrating a new Variant Cover to Batman and Robin #24 (APR110159, $2.99). Please consult your retailer for availability.

Skullkickers #7 (MAR110598, $2.99) will now contain a five-page preview of Shinku #1 (APR110409, $2.99), the debut of Ron Marz & Lee Moder’s first creator-owned work for Image.

• Avengers #15 FEAR
(MAY110584, $3.99) will have a new cover by Ed McGuinness, shown here.

No caption.

• Alpha Flight #1 FEAR (Reg.: APR110547D, Var.: MAR118215, $3.99 ea.) and Alpha Flight #2 FEAR (Reg.: MAY110588D / Var.: MAY110589, $2.99 ea.) are now part of an eight-part mini-series. It was originally solicited as a seven-issue mini-series.

• Thor: Heaven and Earth #1 (MAY110639, $2.99) will be Rated T+, not All Ages.

• Ka-Zar #1 (APR110616, $2.99) & #2 (MAY110669, $2.99) have switched covers, which are shown here with their correct designations. The limited series will also be Rated T+, and will not carry a Parental Advisory.

No caption. No caption.
#1 #2

• Moon Knight #3 (MAY110670, $3.99) has a new cover by Alex Maleev, shown here.

No caption.

• Captain America: Red Glare Prem. HC (Reg.: MAY110724D / Var.: MAY110725, $29.99 ea.) is Rated T+, not Rated A as solicited.

• Fantastic Four 1234 Prem. HC (Reg.: MAY110722D / Var.: MAY110723, $19.99) is Rated T+, not Rated A.

• X-Men Claremont and Lee Omnibus HC Vol. 1 (Reg.: MAY110714D / Var.: MAY110715, $125 ea.) will be 728 pages, not 704 pages.

Fear Itself: Deadpool #1 FEAR (APR110538, $2.99) has a new cover by Ryan Stegman, shown here.

No caption.

Spider-Man #15 (APR110602, $2.99) will have art by Roberto Di Salvo, not Matteo Lolli. 

Captain America: The Art of Captain America HC (APR110682, $49.99) will be 240 pages, not 224 pages.

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